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Marios Moskofidis

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About Marios

Current Job: Business Analyst at Cluno GmbH
Current Location: Munich, Germany
Nationality: Greek
LinkedIn: Marios Moskofidis

About Marios's Career

Since graduating, what have you gone on to do? 
Since September 2019, I am working as a Business Analyst for Cluno GmbH. Being part of the data department, my responsibility is to fetch, manipulate and visualize data according to the relevant use cases and provide meaningful insights in order to optimise business decisions. Before Cluno, I was working for DHL in a similar role. Before and right after my graduation I was operating as a freelancer offering Digital Marketing solutions for small and medium size companies.

Is the above what you planned to do before starting university?
Life is unpredictable in a lot of ways and plans change constantly, you therefore need to be flexible and adjustable in different situations. In my path after graduation things did not come exactly as planned/imagined beforehand. However, I am more than grateful for all the experiences gathered this period and extremely happy and satisfied with my current status and occupation.

About Marios's Newcastle Experience

What was your favourite thing about your course?
The course in total was demanding hence it was needed to challenge myself a lot in various perspectives. On thinking about that fact now, I am certain that it helped me realise my full potential and learn how to be more consistent and dedicated in achieving my goals.

Were you involved in any other extra curriculum activities or societies during your time here?
I was a proud member of the Newcastle University Volleyball club and participated in the British Universities and Colleges Sport league. Moreover, I was selected as a Business Ambassador and worked for the Marketing and Communications team of the Business School.

About Marios's Future

How do you see future technologies and new ways of working (Future of Work) affecting your sector?
Being a part of the IT sector, obviously technology has a huge impact in my daily operations/tasks. Therefore, I totally embrace technological change/new technologies that can assist me further or automate parts of my daily functions. In addition, I support the remote working style as technology allows more and more companies to integrate the home-office option for their employees and make the work/life balance even better. 

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
I really enjoy working with data and analytics and I see myself to still be in this field in five years’ time. Hopefully, I would be able to be in a higher leadership role after gathering experience over this period. 

Profile uploaded: 10/02/20