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Prisca Fattori

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About Prisca

Current Job: Senior Banking Consultant at EY
Current Location: Munich, Germany
Nationality: Italian
LinkedIn: Prisca Fattori

About Prisca's Career

Since graduating, what have you gone on to do? 
I love working for EY, as I feel there is a need for a fresh approach in the banking industry. I've learnt a lot since joining the firm, firstly in Newcastle upon Tyne, where I worked for two years, and now in Munich, Germany, where I am currently based. I feel like I am a piece of a larger puzzle bringing value to our clients every day and on seeing the impact of what we do in my client's successes, I'm left with a strong sense of satisfaction and am proud of what we achieve.

Is the above what you planned to do before starting university?
Of course, none of this was planned! I met the love of my life at Newcastle University, who is German and who made me consider a career in this country. I’ve never considered moving to Germany before and, a year later after my relocation, I wouldn’t have done anything differently!

About Prisca's Newcastle Experience

What was your favourite thing about your course?
My favourite thing about the course would be being able to meet so many like-minded people in the school and being able to learn from each other's experiences.

Were you involved in any other extra curriculum activities or societies during your time here?
I was a Business Champion for the Business School, meaning that I used to represent the students at all events and occasions, especially when external organisations or partners were invited to the Business School.

About Prisca's Future

How do you see future technologies and new ways of working (Future of Work) affecting your sector?
Banks will not be able to run their business as usual processes without technology – this is a given. On the one hand, FinTechs are democratising financial services and always tapping into new markets, which may have been served the same way for decades. On the other hand, there is still some resistance to change, especially in the bigger corporations, where long-term client relationships are the foundations of the business and technology may be negatively seen as a replacement of those human interactions. The solution is not easy, but the implementation of technology into banking processes is not going to stop, therefore an early integration may be the most suitable approach.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
I see myself as a wife, a mother and a working professional, ideally still within EY. Combining all three may be challenging, but a role allowing and promoting flexible working may be the right solution.

Profile uploaded: 07/02/20