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Yousef Mensli

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About Yousef

Current job: Trade Marketing Executive at L'Oreal
Current location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nationality: British
LinkedIn: Yousef Mensli

About Yousef's career

Since graduating, what have you gone on to do?
I first joined L’Oreal as an intern after graduating from Newcastle, originally due to be a six month internship but I was offered a full-time position after four months. I have now been a Trade Marketing Executive since November 2018. I work on two of the biggest mass make-up brands in the world: Maybelline and L’Oreal Paris. I handle all cassettes, artwork and planograms for the whole of the Gulf Region. I work heavily with marketing, commercial, transportation and merchandisers on a daily basis to make sure that everything in store is implemented in a correct manner. I have also started to e-merchandise for these two brands online. 

Is the above what you planned to do before starting university?
I never planned on applying to L’Oreal prior to university. I didn't know what I wanted to do. However, I knew that I wanted to experience life in a multi-national company. A big part in me being able to get an opportunity at L’Oreal was firstly my experience that I accumulated during my placement year, but also my diverse background. I am half Libyan, half British so this multi-cultural background and understanding was crucial in standing out from the rest of the applicants. I knew that once I got my foot in the door I would be able to make a lasting impression on my colleagues, this resulted in a full-time position.

About Yousef's Newcastle experience

What was your favourite thing about your course?
My favourite aspect of my course was the options that I had in terms of the topics I could learn about. There was flexibility, especially during my second and third year. I also enjoyed interacting with a highly diverse cohort for three years.

Did you complete a placement year/study abroad/summer internship during your time at Newcastle?
I took a placement year and I was based in London for all of it, working for four different companies. I worked for JLT (insurance brokers), S-RM (security management), Constellis (security management) and G+ Europe (PR and communications). All of these companies allowed me to realise what I enjoyed and what I didn't. The placement year is hugely beneficial, I can't stress enough how important it was for me. 

What extra-curricular activities or societies were you involved with during your time here?
I played football for the Newcastle University Futsal team and intra-mural football.

About the future

How do you see future technologies and new ways of working (future of work) affecting your sector?
Technology is having a massive impact and as described earlier it is having an impact on my current role as I am diversifying into e-merchandising now. This is becoming the natural progression and I am lucky that L’Oreal are investing in me in terms of training as I have been labelled a L’Oreal talent (a person who is seen to have the ability to take his manager's job and manager's manager's job).

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
I see myself in a similar role but probably more in an e-merchandising role. Maybe at a different company so I can experience a different industry. 

Profile uploaded: 01/05/2019