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Alexander Mackwood

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About Alexander

Current job: Account Director at Raptor Marketing
Current location: London
Nationality: British
LinkedIn: Alexander Mackwood

About Alexander's career

Since graduating, what have you gone on to do?
I am currently at Raptor, the Student Brand Activation agency. An agency born out of a relationship between experiential marketing and student event promotion. Raptor gains traction for brands through customer acquisition and brand awareness whilst creating unforgettable experiences for students. I worked as an Account Manager in 2016, Head of Events in 2017 and I am currently Account Director at the company. My responsibilities at Raptor include: Campaign management, event management, ambassador recruitment, internal recruitment, website development, training ambassadors, client relations, strategy development, creative concept creation, market research, PR, budgeting and social media management. I have been leading campaigns for clients such as SoundCloud, Budweiser, Deliveroo, Bumble and Kelloggs.

Is the above what you planned to do before starting university?
I didn't have too much planned. I just wanted to enjoy the early stages of my career and I was lucky enough to be offered this opportunity at Raptor.

About Alexander's Newcastle experience

What was your favourite thing about your course?
It sounds off but I enjoyed completing marketing plan assignments. You are rarely given creative freedom so when this opportunity comes along it is a pleasant expirence. 

What extra-curricular activities or societies were you involved with during your time here?
I was Editor of the Tab Newcastle (an online student publication) and Senior Manager of a weekly club night.

About the future

How do you see future technologies or new ways of working (future of work) affecting your sector?
Various recruitment tools for brand ambassadors to help find the right people. Paid advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more sophisticated.

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?
Running my own agency.

Profile uploaded: 01/05/2019