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Student Profile - Kenneth


MBA profile: Kenneth

Choosing Newcastle

I was looking for an International MBA which went beyond the literature-based study so common in most business schools. I was drawn by the fact that the Newcastle MBA marketed itself around providing opportunities to apply business concepts and models to current, real-world challenges. This approach was fleshed out in case-study based modules and a number of client-facing projects with real world implications. 

My course

Key benefits include the ability to draw on the knowledge and experiences of an international cohort of business professionals (17 nationalities) which allowed us to gain valuable insights into business and markets in multiple contexts. Also, the client-facing projects provided an invaluable opportunity to work with, and make contacts in, highly-regarded firms in the UK and abroad.

Gaining hands-on consulting experience has given me the edge I needed in order to differentiate myself from other candidates applying to the high-profile corporations I’m interested in working for. The small class size and constant team/group engagements taught me invaluable lessons about teamwork and leadership which I will take back into my working life. Overall, gaining an understanding about business globally and across different cultures will provide me with an advantage in my future career.

Student experience

I've enjoyed the opportunity to meet, network with and enjoy the company of successful, motivated business professionals inside and outside the. There is a special atmosphere at Newcastle University, and even more so in the MBA programme, where opportunities to be involved and meet new people are everywhere. There is always something going on in the city, the nightlife is great, and for football fans like me it’s a great place to catch a game or two (or seven)!

I participated in the FLUX case competition, which provided a great opportunity to practice working in high intensity teams. I also became a staff-student committee member, lobbied for changes and improvements on behalf of the MBA cohort and set and achieved a personal goal of obtaining the highest mark in the class on a number of occasions.

Advice for new students

  1. Get involved - It’s an age-old cliché but it’s absolutely true regarding the MBA at Newcastle: The more you put in, the more you’ll get out.
  2. Get ahead – Don’t wait until deadlines draw near before you put pen to paper.  You need to take a focused approach, apply good time management and commit yourself in order to succeed at the MBA programme.
  3. Explore – The North East of England is a beautiful place.  Go and create memories with friends and classmates. Why not take a train to Scotland or fly to Ireland or the Netherlands for an affordable, weekend adventure? After all, there’s so much more to life than textbooks and essays!


Getting to know so many people from all over the world has definitely been my favourite memory of the year. Organising a trip for twenty students to attend a Newcastle United football game was also high up the list.