Newcastle University Business School

Training and development

Training and Development

Our research training and project supervision will help you to develop the necessary research skills to succeed in the programme and beyond.

The programme provides useful advice on managing the PhD process and writing a PhD thesis. We'll also give you an introduction to the philosophy of research and to various research methodologies.

To assist in your development, the Faculty and Business School provide training courses for PhD students.

The Faculty offers two training programmes:

  • ‘Postgraduate Research Training and Researcher Development Programmes’ for first-year students.
  • ‘Programme Research Training and Researcher Development Programme’ for second and third years.

In addition to courses run by the Faculty, the Business School also offers in-house training. More specifically, two mandatory modules are taught. These modules are:

  • NBS 8554 Research Designs in Management and Business Studies
  • NBS 8556 Core Readings in Management and Business

Further details about each course will be available on arrival at the School.  

Teaching opportunities

There also may be the possibility for you to undertake some teaching during your studies. You should discuss this with one of you with one of your supervisors.

Before taking on any teaching, you must first complete the University’s Introduction to Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILTHE).