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Student Profile - Renaldo

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I studied for a Bachelor degree in International Business Management at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands which enabled me to study a diverse selection of courses to develop myself in the broad sense. This included spending a Semester in Taiwan as part of my international studies.

Choosing this Dual Award programme

I wanted to study at postgraduate level to enhance my career prospects in the Netherlands. I chose the Dual Award programme in order to develop myself further internationally, deepen my knowledge of international business and to be able to focus more on my subject area of interest: marketing.

My course

I enjoyed the experience of studying in a different place and country once again. From a Dutch perspective, the benefit of living in a native English-speaking country allowed me to build on my speaking skill and fluency.

The exposure to a different education system in Newcastle also helped me to learn in a different environment; I particularly enjoyed gaining practical knowledge and skills.

The programme supported my international development, not only through the international curriculum and learning community, but also through the experience of living abroad and getting to know people from different nationalities and cultures.

Studying at postgraduate level

At postgraduate level, a higher degree of independent study is expected of you compared with undergraduate study. You therefore learn to plan your own projects and apply research skills.

Teaching methods differ between professors which gives different perspectives on learning and I particularly liked the opportunities to learn from people from real-life businesses.

A typical study week for me involved attending classes and seminars, working on projects with colleagues following class on a couple of days, independent study and playing sport at the University.


I received some support from the Dutch government and for the rest I worked in advance to fund my studies.

Career aspirations

Throughout my studies, my focus was always on starting business career in an international environment. Both of my degree programmes helped me by broadening my view of the businesses I could work in, not just business to customer industries.

Since I graduated, I have been working in the metal industry. I enjoy the international nature of the business and being able to apply my learning to the work place.

Living in Newcastle and Groningen

Newcastle and Groningen are quite alike, since both are student cities and the nightlife is extensive. There is a lot to see and do inside and outside both cities which is great. In my spare time, as well as playing sports, I enjoyed going to social events with friends.

Groningen has a campus area with student accommodation. Newcastle’s accommodation tends to be in ordinary city houses (if you rent privately). I highly recommend arranging accommodation before you move to Newcastle as this process and paperwork takes time. Living costs are pretty much the same in both places.

Student experience

At both Universities, being a postgraduate student was a great experience and enabled me to develop in different ways. There is a lot on offer socially and the sports complex at Newcastle was really good.

Advice for new students

  1. Prepare for your move from Groningen to Newcastle by arranging your accommodation in advance – don’t leave this till you arrive.
  2. Enjoy everything that is different when you move to the other city and university. You can learn a lot by observing the differences and just going with the flow.
  3. Travel around when you can to make the most of studying in a foreign country.


Travelling around, visiting places and making new friends.