Newcastle University Business School





Before starting at Newcastle, I studied a BASc in Tourism Mangagement in Amsterdam. After completing my degree, I decided that Tourism was not the area in which I wanted to begin my career and therefore, I started a pre-MSc in International Business and Management. It was this that then led to me studying MSc Advanced International Business Management & Marketing (Dual Award).

Choosing Newcastle

I thought that studying a master’s degree which included a dual award would be a great way to differentiate myself in the global graduate job market. It was mostly due to the offering of this programme that I chose Newcastle University, as I knew it would add great value to my future career. 

My Course

The experience of working and studying across cultures is very useful in preparing you for a career in the job market which is increasingly global. The best part of the course is that half of it is taught in The Netherlands and the other half in Newcastle.

Studying at Postgraduate Level

I found the workload was a lot higher at postgraduate level, especially in Groningen. However, in Groningen you have multiple tutorials for courses where the class-size is very small. This gives you the opportunity to ask a lot of questions regarding the learning material. Academic staff across both of the Universities are always on hand to help out!

Postgraduate Community

In Newcastle I was the chairwoman of the student staff committee. This was a fantastic opportunity to expand my network with teaching staff and other students, learn about the university and be of value. I found that there was a particular community of students who arrived from Groningen together, which definitely helped to ease the transition from one University, and country to another.

Arrival Experience

First of all, I prepared myself with tips I received from Groningen students that went to Newcastle in the first semester. They gave me lots of tips regarding study material, how to find an apartment, what to do in Newcastle, and how to arrange bills. I would recommend attending the introduction day for more information. 

Spare Time

Within the city centre, there is Eldon Square which is a huge shopping centre with many different shops, and I spend a lot of time shopping with my friends here. As well as shops, there is also a food court which has a lot of chain, and independent restaurants! I also like to travel, and have visited Ireland and Scotland as well as many cities in England. Newcastle has great transport links to these places so it is easy to get away when needed!

Career Aspirations

Now that I have graduated, I am looking for a management traineeship. Preferably, I would like to work in an international company with opportunities to travel a lot. Newcastle University has helped me to achieve this as I have learnt how to work in an international environment. 


The highlight for me has been the opportunity to work with people from different cultures and to learn from each other.

Top Tips

  • Don’t leave work until last minute –  most deadlines at Newcastle University are at the end of the semester. However, it is be much less stressful to start the work as soon as you receive it.
  • (If you’re not from Newcastle) ask the locals to help with setting up a bank account and bills – you need to open a bank account before you can arrange internet and utilities in your house. It is easy to ask a local to help you. It’s true what they say, Newcastle do have some of the friendliest people!
  • Join a society or take on a university role – I became chairwomen of the student staff committee and I learned a lot from this responsibility. Also, it gives you the opportunity to meet new people.