Newcastle University Business School





I previously studied Architecture in Ulster University in Belfast. I graduated with a First Class Honours degree and after graduation I was offered a year-long placement in a prestigious design practice in Newcastle. Studying Architecture helped me develop a strong working ethos and I became skilled at working both practically and creatively. Working in practice helped me identify that the aspect of Architecture which I most enjoy is working collaboratively with people. This inspired me to go on to study International Business Management at postgraduate level.    

Choosing Newcastle

After moving to Newcastle, I quickly fell in love with the city and I was aware of Newcastle University’s reputation as a leading research-intensive university. This encouraged me to visit the Business School and learn more about the postgraduate courses available to me. I became instantly interested in the International Business Management MSC as I felt that it’s diverse range of modules would allow me to gain a broad perspective and knowledge-base of business as a subject and I loved that it focused on an international perspective.  

My Course

The strongest aspect of the International Business Management MSC is the variety of modules. Being able to explore various topics is a fantastic way to decide where your interest lies and I feel that this is vital in moving forward with our careers.

The first semester is made up of entry-level modules that allow students that haven’t previously studied business before (such as myself) to develop an understanding of core topics. I found this to be very useful as it helped me to identify my interests early on and to select my elective modules for the second semester.

Postgraduate Study

As a postgraduate student you are expected to be even more independent than at undergraduate level. I feel that postgraduate study has come more naturally to me than I first expected. I try to approach postgraduate study as a full-time job from Monday to Friday. This requires having excellent time management skills but I believe it is the most effective way of working as it means the weekend can be used playing sport or travelling to different places, which are important aspects of the student experience.

Postgraduate Community

I feel that Newcastle University provides a lot of opportunities for postgraduate students. As student representative for my master’s programme I regularly work alongside fellow postgraduate students and teaching staff. This has been a great way to get to know people outside of the classroom.

The Business School also offers really good facilities for meeting and networking with professionals, students and staff. The café on the bottom floor is always buzzing with people and events which makes it easy to engage with what’s going on. The free tea and coffee on a Wednesday morning offers a great way for students to connect with each other, as well as staff!


As I was transitioning from life as a professional back to being a student, I decided to live in a rented apartment. I live just a fifteen-minute walk away from campus in Jesmond, which is a popular area for students. I would really recommend living here because it has great access to Jesmond Dene park and the Town Moor which are beautiful outdoor areas as well as fantastic bars, cafes and restaurants. 

Living in Newcastle

I think the thing that I like most about living in Newcastle is the local people. Geordies are notoriously friendly and warm. This means that any experience in the city, be it ordering a coffee or taking a bus, is a pleasant one. I also really enjoy Newcastle’s culture and music scene – there is always something going on at the Quayside and in Ouseburn.   

Spare Time

My favourite thing to do at the weekends is to travel. Be it a trip to historical York or picturesque Northumberland, Newcastle is a fantastic base from which to go exploring. I have also been able to work part-time in a music store during my postgraduate study and I am currently seeking an internship role through the university. Newcastle University offers students a fantastic careers service, including a huge host of internship opportunities. 


I was fortunate enough to be awarded a Business Excellence Scholarship through Newcastle University Business School, which deducted £2,000 off my total postgraduate fees. This was a great boost, not only to my bank balance, but also to my confidence as a new student as I was awarded the scholarship on the basis of my academic record to date. 

Career Aspirations

My ambition is to become a Project Manager, with the goal of one day leading a project that ultimately improves society. I am passionate about challenging and re-defining the role of business in society.

My dissertation is on the topic of corporate social responsibility. I feel that the excellent teaching on this subject at Newcastle is allowing me to push the boundaries of my ideas, challenge preconceptions and become confident enough to forge a career in management based on societal well-being.

Top Tips

  • Embrace the different cultures in your class
  • Be open-minded to new ideas and don’t be afraid to challenge them
  • Have fun!