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Before I began my Master’s degree at Newcastle University Business School, I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Management.  Alongside studying towards my Bachelor’s degree, I gained 4 years work experience in business management by working in different positions and departments within the retail and textile industry. I am currently Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tea Venture Limited, which is a start-up business that I and my partner set up with the help of the ‘Rise UP Founderships’ programme, Newcastle University’s innovative business start-up package for graduates with growth business ideas. 

Choosing Newcastle

I studied International Business Management and graduated as M.Sc. with Distinction. I choose Newcastle University as it offers great student satisfaction rates combined with an excellent reputation.

My Course

The thing I most enjoyed about my course was having the opportunity to be a student representative. Not only would I recommend my course, I would recommend Newcastle University Business School as a whole.

Studying at Postgraduate Level

With regards to workload, being a postgraduate student is a lot more intense than being an undergraduate, however in my opinion, this is a positive aspect rather than a negative one. Studying at postgraduate level allows you to think outside of the box. You have the freedom to look deeper into what it is you are learning, and the ability to criticise more when necessary. The process as a whole allows you to become a more independent learner.

Postgraduate Community

There is definitely a feeling of a community at Newcastle, which I believe is due to the opportunities available to work with fellow students and teaching staff. I took part in many events during my time at Newcastle including the Business School’s annual flagship event ‘Gain a Global Advantage’, the job fair and sport clubs.

Living in Newcastle

I think the thing I enjoyed most about living in Newcastle was the new friendships which resulted from living here. Newcastle is very lively and people are super friendly, which is why I would definitely say moving to Newcastle is a good choice! Don’t be surprised if you get called ‘Darling’ or ‘Love’ from the shop assistants.


I did not receive funding for my Master's course, however, the business idea that I and my business partner developed received funds from Newcastle University’s Start-Up Support. We applied with our idea of creating an alcoholic tea and submitted a thorough business plan. After a video pitch, we got invited to pitch in front of a panel. It was great news to hear that we got selected as one of the six start-ups entering this six-month programme. Overall, we received funding for the business idea, lots of advice and networking opportunities as well as free office space. The support received from Newcastle University has been essential for our business and we’ll be forever grateful.

Career Aspirations

Running my own start-up, which I currently do. Newcastle has been essential to achieve this. 2 years after graduation, I still receive support from the University.


When the Vice-Chancellor invited us for beers after the Newcastle Pride awards! 

Top Tips

  • Be proactive in your studies
  • Create friendships with people you did not know before
  • Enjoy