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Student Profile - Idika

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Choosing Newcastle

I was searching for UK Universities that offered courses in Entrepreneurship, and came across the Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship MSc programme. The programme title caught my attention because, knowing the relationship between innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, I reasoned that the programme was packaged to produce well-balanced graduates who would be grounded in creativity and innovation and be able to apply this knowledge to create successful entrepreneurial ventures, which is the major reason I wanted to study entrepreneurship. Hence I chose to study at Newcastle University.

My course

The programme has generally enhanced my entrepreneurial alertness and interest in business creation. It has opened my mind to the possibilities within and around me. All I see now in everything I do and wherever I go are opportunities and possibilities. I see business opportunities within every change in the environment - even the unpleasant changes. I am particularly sure that this is sustainable because change is constant and there will always be opportunities for business development.

Studying at postgraduate level

In my undergraduate programme, I was mainly exposed to concepts and theories that were relevant to my discipline. In the Masters programme, the emphasis is more on the application of those theories to practical situations and not just the awareness of them. Masters study has literally changed my worldview and thinking process. It has provided solutions to most of my unanswered questions from undergraduate study and has prepared me for higher accomplishments in life.

Career aspirations

The modules which have had the greatest impact on me, and are assisting me towards the achievement of my career goal, are the Business Enterprise for Postgraduate Students module, in which we had to start and run a business enterprise for the duration of the programme, as well as the Enterprise and Entrepreneurial Management, Innovation Management, Managing Creativity, and Open Innovation modules.

I now have two short-term goals in mind. Firstly, to pursue a PhD in Entrepreneurship in order to further develop myself in a particular area of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Secondly, to work in business development in a multi-national company.

In the medium-to-long term, I would like to be a consultant in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Specifically, I would like to train potential entrepreneurs, SME managers and even managers of large organisations in entrepreneurial alertness and entrepreneurial agency. I have learned that the solution to unemployment is job creation through innovation and entrepreneurship. The solution to business creation is neither money nor technological advancement but being entrepreneurially alert and capable. I would like to spend the rest of my life teaching people how to develop these skills.

Student experience

I have enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends from different countries around the world during my time as a student in Newcastle. I have made friends with people from over thirteen different countries and that to me is a great gain. I also enjoyed the cooler environment and the hospitality and warm reception of the Newcastle people.

Advice for new students

  1. Ensure you arrive on time and get settled down quickly to study because every second counts on this programme.
  2. Ensure you attend all the sessions of the induction programme because it will answer most of your questions.
  3. Get involved in activities, both at the Business School and the Students’ Union, as this will help you to have a well-balanced student experience.


Leading a cross-cultural team in the business we started (part of the requirements for the programme). Our business was focused on the production of materials for documenting memorable events. We produced a product called memory pad and our target market were all international students in the business school. It was indeed fun and it was a huge success.

What I enjoyed most about leading the team was the opportunity it gave me to become more aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and those of others. I came to understand that the key to effective leadership is a clear understanding of yourself and those you are leading, the ability to appreciate the inherent differences between individuals (especially in a team that is made up of people from different cultural backgrounds) and being able to use this knowledge to get the best out of the team members for the common goal.

My postgraduate experience in three words

Impactful, fulfilling and unforgettable.

Final thoughts

It has been a really worthwhile experience. I was one of the winners of the Newcastle University International Postgraduate scholarships and that gave me so much confidence that I could do well at Newcastle University.