Newcastle University Business School


Student Profile - Philippe

Choosing Newcastle

I always wanted to study abroad, having enjoyed previous international experience through different social and sport activities. I did a worldwide scan of the best Master’s degrees and Universities and chose the UK for two reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to once again experience total immersion in another culture and challenge myself by studying in English. I had previously spent my gap year in the UK learning English which I enjoyed. As a result, I grabbed the opportunity on my return to University to study abroad through the ERASMUS exchange programme. 

The ERASMUS programme gives undergraduate students a scholarship to study for a year in a European country. Luckily, my French University (Université de Savoie) has an agreement with Newcastle University and so I was able to spend a highly beneficial year at Newcastle University.  My year abroad allowed me to broaden my academic perspective and enhance my ability to communicate effectively with other nationalities. This helped me to prepare myself for Masters study abroad.

Secondly, after spending a year as an exchange student at Newcastle University, I already knew about the high educational standards in the UK, and especially at Newcastle University Business School which holds triple accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. I didn’t hesitate for a second in applying for my Master’s degree at the Business School. The academic excellence, quality of life and of course the good feeling between students and academic staff allowed me to make up my mind quickly.

I did my Bachelor’s degree in International business with languages and several of my modules focused on business issues such as marketing, international trade and accountancy. I felt I needed to add to this with something different, which is why I chose the MSc in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship. I wanted to gain an in-depth knowledge of what could be called creative management, as well as learn more about other areas such as International entrepreneurship which was the subject of my dissertation.

I was also attracted by the opportunity to start my own business within the Business Enterprise module. Last year I focused on a mobile application project to increase people’s productivity at work. This year, with my team mates, I created an event agency that organizes social events in Newcastle.

My course

Networking and accessing the vast resources available to me was the key to getting the most out of my Master’s. My contact with agencies such as Newcastle Science City, Rise-up, Ignite-100 and Sunderland City Software helped me to gain extra knowledge during the process of researching and writing my dissertation. Furthermore, while setting-up my business projects, I had the chance to gain resources and advice from these agencies.

Career aspirations

Working on projects with students from different specialities and nationalities helped me to broaden my vision – I worked not only with people who had business backgrounds but also engineers. This experience will help me to position myself effectively in an international firm and work well with people from different departments.

I participated in the Gain a Global Advantage transatlantic case competition over a period of two months. As part of a team of four (two of us from the Business School and the other two team members based in Boston) we went through the process of elaborating on and efficiently delivering a solution for YSC (a multinational business psychologist firm) to get a foothold in the American start-up market. Although we didn’t win the competition, we definitely learnt a lot and gained valuable experience working across different time zones. I am proud to have participated and have faced the challenges of delivering solutions in front of a board of executives and especially in front of the CEO of the company.

Studying at postgraduate level

At Master’s level everything gets more serious. What changed was that I had to develop the ability to become multi-task-oriented as I had a busy schedule with my University work, sports and social activities, and work. I enjoyed being busy and facing more thriving challenges than I did at undergraduate level.

Advice for new students

  1. Get involved into one or two sports societies and activities, I can’t stress enough how important it is!
  2. Visit the North East region and beyond. I’d definitely recommend a day trip or more to Hadrian’s Wall - you’ll get a feeling of what it was like to live at a Roman frontier.
  3. Make the most of all the resources and contacts you have while studying at the Business School. This will help you to go to the extra mile in your projects and what you’re doing, especially if you’re part of a sport society.


Academically, the feeling of working to some tight deadlines as this taught me how to work efficiently and in a very focused way. Also, finding out how Endnotes really worked. Socially, meeting new people from very different cultures and backgrounds - being surrounded by such a variety of people definitely helped me to evolve.

My postgraduate experience in three words

Unique, challenging and enjoyable.

Final thoughts

I enjoyed being part of the following clubs and societies which enhanced my whole experience:

  • Newcastle University Ice Hockey Club (I played in defence and we won the National championship in 2014!)
  • Newcastle University American Football team
  • Debating Society