Newcastle University Business School




Rory, Alumni, Newcastle University Business School


I previously studied a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at Heriot -Watt University.

Choosing Newcastle

Newcastle University has a fantastic reputation for world-leading education, and is unique in offering the ICE course. It was important to me to be able to study entrepreneurship on a theory level, whilst still being able to be innovative and creative, so for me it was a no-brainer to come here! 

My Course

ICE a really stimulating course, so for me the most enjoyable part of the course is definitely the content!  I also love how diverse the course is, there are students of so many nationalities and every discipline which means that everyone has a different opinion about the subject, changing the way that I think about problems. 

Postgraduate Study

Studying at postgraduate level feels a lot more informal than my previous studies. You’re treated as an adult and whilst the lecturers are very friendly, they expect you to be able to learn independently. There's a lot more self-study time than at undergraduate, which really needs taking advantage of. For this programme, there’s no right or wrong answer in assignments, which is different for me, but shows the freedom that you have to direct your own studies.

Postgraduate Community

There is a big sense of community here at the Business School, especially within the course and neighbouring course (ABC). Everyone gets on and we go for social events together, to ensure that we all get to know one another, and learn from each other. It’s also very easy to book out classrooms to work in which is great for group work activities.


I' m pretty fortunate to be from Newcastle, so I am living at home whilst I study. We live in Jesmond and I cycle into University every day which is ideal. Newcastle has very good transport links, as well as being quite small, so it is fairly easy to make it on to campus from wherever you’re living in Newcastle.

Living in Newcastle

I couldn't recommend Newcastle highly enough, it has everything you need and more right on your doorstep. There's such a variety of activities, from bars and restaurants, Newcastle’s infamous night out scene, to more cultured museums and galleries, many of them free to get in. When the weather is nice (although very rare in Newcastle), there are also some great parks such as Leaze’s park and Jesmond Dene to walk around or even have a picnic!

Spare Time

I play squash for the University, and I also play rugby for a local club. These keep me pretty busy during the week, but when I get the chance I like to get involved with university led events. I participated in Createathon this year which was fantastic and allowed me to meet Wajeeha founder of Chocolateeha who I hope to stay in contact with.


I knew what the tuition fees were from the website and I did research into student loans which more than covered it. I was then eligible for a scholarship which reduced my fees making studying a master’s even more accessible for me. I would recommend looking into scholarships, all of which are available on the website.

Career Aspirations

I would love to work within the renewables and sustainability sector, in particular enabling SME's to utilise the benefits of going green that they otherwise would have the resources to find out for themselves.


The highlight of my experience has definitely got to be the friendships and relationships I have built through my time here. I have built friendships I think will last a lifetime, contacts I hope to see in my career, and coursemates I know will succeed in business. And I look forward to seeing what the future holds for all these people.

Top Tips

  • Join a team or a society. You'll immediately make new friends, and it acts as a nice break from studying.
  • The recommended reading list is there for a reason, make good use of it! It ' s a great way to broaden your understanding of the subject and learn new things not taught in class.
  • Make use of the facilities on offer. Never again will you have access to the bright minds and resources that Newcastle has to offer, so get stuck in and enjoy it!