Newcastle University Business School




  • Class of 2018
  • Nationality: American
Danielle, Alumni, Newcastle University


I got my Undergraduate Degree in Operations Management at the University of Delaware.

Choosing Newcastle

My undergraduate degree in was in Operations Management which was primarily mathematics based, which I really enjoyed. However, I felt like there was still much more to learn and I wanted to attend a university for my postgraduate degree that would challenge me to further develop and apply my skillset at an international level.  

My Course

What I enjoy most about my course is the tight-knit community of the students and the professors.  It prevents me from getting too overwhelmed, having support from others that are under the same stress and having professors that are openly there to help. 

What I enjoy most about the course content is that it is applicability in real life, better preparing me for a career in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. I really enjoyed the 'Purchasing and Supply Chain Management' module because every class we would review case studies related to the day's material and analyse them in smaller groups.  This encouraged students to apply the material and understand it on a deeper level as the module progressed.   

Postgraduate Study

At postgraduate level, the class-size is a lot smaller providing a more interactive learning experience. The smaller class size also promotes close-knit relationships with fellow classmates and encourages a sense of community. 

Something that we can do as postgraduate students rather than undergraduate is visit local companies to apply what we have learnt in the classroom to real-life situations. We have been given the opportunity to not only visit and tour local companies, but also work with them and other students on group projects. With the support from our professors, it has been beneficial to be able to actually visit a company and analyse how the topics we learned in class can better improve their operation.

Postgraduate Community

The postgraduate study rooms in the Business School are a life saver! Whether you are wanting to socialise, or get your head down and do some work, there is somewhere to go. The HUB encourages a sense of community, allowing you to study with other postgraduate students on the programme as well as other students within the Business School. For those times when you need peace and quiet, the postgraduate silent study space is the place to go!

Arrival Experience

My arrival transition was very smooth as I used the Newcastle University Meet and Greet Service which offered free transport for international students from the airport to my accommodation. 

There were so many activities to attend upon arrival. I attended the International Student Arrival event which allowed me to meet other international students before classes started and there were other events to get to know the city, which made settling in very smooth. 

Induction week ensured we had a thorough understanding of the course, its requirements and available resources before classes started.  

Spare Time

In my spare time, I like to take advantage of the optimal location of Newcastle and explore the neighbouring sites in the UK.  There are an endless amount of societies that you can join, but I personally enjoy supporting the University sports teams and attending local events. There's so much happening in the city that it's very easy to make the most out of your time in Newcastle.  

Career Aspirations

The ability to identify the root cause of operational inefficiencies amidst many other factors is such an important skillset in such an important part of the business world.  While I thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate degree, once I graduated, I felt there was still so much more to learn before I was able to make a significant contribution to the field. Studying at Newcastle is preparing me as much as possible to add value to a company's operations with the proper knowledge and experience. 


What I enjoy most about my course is the tight-knit community of not only the students in my programme but the entire Business School. The diverse range of students allowed me to meet a range of different people from a range of different backgrounds. 

Top Tips

Take advantage of every opportunity. 

Utilise all of the University's resources available to you.

Keep up with the material. Don't wait until the end of the semester to prepare for exams. 


The accommodation process was very easy in that first-year students are ensured housing so I submitted my top five options and I received my top choice. I live in university accommodation in a studio apartment and it's in an ideal location in the city centre and a two-minute walk from the Business School.