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Finn, Alumni, Newcastle University Business School


I completed my Bachelor degree in International Economics in the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam then worked in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry for 5 years. After received an offer fora higher position, I decided to take a Master’s course to compliment my experiences with academic knowledge. 

Choosing Newcastle

My first priority in choosing the university I wanted to attend was ranking, followed by the cost of living. Newcastle University seemed to be the perfect choice with their leading reputation, yet relatively low living costs. Also, Master's courses in UK are shorter than another European countries, which helped to save essential time and money for me.   

My Course

The lecturers are really inspiring, not only with their research, but the way in which they teach. I think having lecturers who really care about how well you do makes all the difference. Seminars not only deliver academic content, but they also truly reflect real life business practice. I also enjoy spending time in the School’s facilities such as the Philip Robinson Library due to the amount of resources that are readily available to me. 

Postgraduate Community

International Welcome Week for international students was great for me. I had the chance to make friends with people who I am still close to now. Joining the Student Reps Committee was also a great experiences too, it gave me the opportunity to really get out and communicate with other students in my class. As a natural listener, I was happy to be help other students, and this really encouraged a sense of community on my course.


I live in private accommodation with another student in Newcastle. It is really easy to find a flat or a house to live in, as there are loads of student letting agencies in Newcastle who are really helpful. There is also a University gateway which allows you to select which postgraduate accommodation you would like to live in. 

Living in Newcastle

Living in Newcastle is really affordable, especially when you compare it with other cities like London or Manchester. Groceries are relatively cheap, so you can save a lot of money by cooking for yourself rather than going out and eating. This then frees up money to spend on other things like travelling around or going out with friends.

Spare Time

I am a committee member of the Vietnamese Society who are quite active in organising events for Vietnamese students located in the North East. There are loads of societies for international students, which are great for making friends with likeminded people, and also help to combat the feeling of being homesick.


I received information related to funding from a Vietnamese intellectual agency. I also exchanged emails with a University representative about my case and available financial support from the University/Business School. 

Career Aspirations

I am lucky to already have a career in this industry which I can return to after completing my Master's degree. An academic qualification from a renowned university like Newcastle has helped me to build up confidence to take up new challenges in my career.

Top Tips

  • The course is very helpful to people who are already in industry as well as students who have came straight from undergraduate.
  • Organise a revision week to avoid stress and be more efficient in your revision. This will lead to the best marks.
  • For international students, the exam format in UK could be very different, so make sure you understand this before sitting your exams. The lecturers will be more than happy to help with this.