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Student Profile - Jiajia

  • Class of 2015
  • Nationality: Chinese
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I studied in Shanghai Maritime University for my undergraduate degree in Transportation & Communication. During my four-year programme, I learned a great deal about Maths and Operations Research, which was a bonus as it helped me considerably in my master’s degree.

Choosing Newcastle

During my undergraduate study I learnt a great deal but not in depth, therefore I decided to continue with postgraduate study in order to develop professionally. In China, logistics is still an underdeveloped area and I was keen to learn more within this area of business in order to contribute to my country.

The first reason I chose Newcastle University was due to a strong recommendation from my friend. Secondly, I knew that Newcastle has its own international airport, a Metro system and a very good bus system. I wanted to choose a convenient and big city, hence my choice.

My course

My course gave me very professional knowledge regarding supply chain management; the area I am most interested in. Newcastle University Business School is very modern and professional and I loved every moment studying at the School. 

Key benefits of the course included great training for presentations, reports and developing useful research skills. When writing my dissertation, my supervisor gave me fantastic ideas and further research training. I learned how to research, think through and write an article. This skill will help me a great deal when carrying out research within future career roles.

Studying at postgraduate level

The main difference between undergraduate and postgraduate study is conducting research. At undergraduate level, I learned topics given to me by my lecturers. However, at postgraduate level, the lecturers gave us key knowledge, then we conducted our own individual research. 

In a typical study week, I usually had around three days of lectures and I spent the remainder of my time in the Robinson Library reading extra books and journals. In assessments, the questions are quite open. The answers not only include content from lectures but also require the extra information I gained through self-study.

Career aspirations

Before I arrived at Newcastle University, I wanted to become a lecturer and build an academic career. Newcastle University helped me to strengthen this idea. During my first two taught Semesters, I obtained a great deal of professional knowledge. My academic ability improved quickly and I would like to thank my kind supervisor, Jingxin Dong.

After graduating from Newcastle University, I plan to apply for a PhD.

Settling in

I arranged private accommodation before flying into Newcastle. After arriving at the airport, I took a taxi to my new address, impressed by the low taxi fare. I had arranged in advance for my landlord to meet me, so when I arrived at the house, he came out and helped me.

Living in Newcastle

I really enjoyed living in Newcastle. Firstly, it is very convenient. Newcastle has its own airport and Metro system and there are two big shopping malls in and near Newcastle; Eldon Square and the Metro Centre.

Secondly, life in Newcastle is very colourful. There are plenty of bars and clubs and the local people are very friendly. I lived in the Gateshead Quayside area and recommend this to other students as it had a lower rent than city centre accommodation and the Metro was very convenient.

The cost of living in Newcastle is lower than most other cities

Student experience

I was happy and proud to be a postgraduate student at the Business School. Every Wednesday morning, the Business School cafe offers free coffee and tea to everyone in the School which is sweet and kind. I really appreciated this, especially between lectures.

My favourite facility is the Robinson Library - it is like a big, warm home from home.

Advice for new students

  1. Listen carefully in the lectures and review the information after class.
  2. Balance your work and social activities carefully.
  3. Spend time travelling around the UK.