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Academic Support

Academic Support


Each module within your degree programme will be assessed. Assessment methods vary but may include examinations, assessed coursework, presentations or class tests.


Examinations take place at the end of each Semester. Dates and times are set by the University.

At the appropriate time of year, you will be able to view your own personalised exam timetable online.

You may have exams on Saturdays as well as weekdays. It is your responsibility to check the details.

You must make sure to arrive at the correct venue, on the correct day and at the correct time.

Submission of assessed work

You will receive deadlines for submitting assessed work from your module leader at the start of each module. 

Unless instructed otherwise, you must post one paper copy of your work by 16:00 on the deadline date into the appropriate assignment box.

You should use the Turnitin service to check written work. This is integrated with Blackboard. 

Late submission of assessed work

Any work submitted after the deadline, without an approved extension but within seven days of the deadline, will lead to a maximum mark of 40%. 

This is in line with the University Policy on the Late Submission of Assessed Work.

Work submitted more than seven days after the deadline will be recorded as a non-submission. A mark of zero will be recorded. This applies to all assessed work whether it makes up all or part of the final mark.

Failure to pass

If you fail to achieve a pass mark for a module (40% for Undergraduate and 50% for Postgraduate) you may have one further attempt.

Resit examinations take place during the second half of August.

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Change in Circumstances

Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control. If this starts to affect your studies, you need to let someone know. We have processes and people in place to help you.

Talk to someone

Your personal tutor is a good starting point. They will be able to advise you about the various University procedures.  

If you feel unable to discuss your circumstances with your personal tutor, you should contact your Degree Programme Director or the Senior Tutor for your degree programme.

Your Degree Programme Director will be able to deal with some requests. Other requests may need to be referred to a central point within the University.

Personal and Extenuating Circumstances (PEC)

The most important thing you can do is to tell us about the problems that you are experiencing. To do this, please complete a Personal and Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) form. 

We can then consider the most appropriate type of adjustment, such as an extension, exemption, deferral, concession or use of discretion.

It is essential that you are aware of the PEC process. You may feel that you do not wish to share the details of your circumstances. However, if you do not bring this to our attention at the time, your circumstances cannot be taken into consideration when considering your performance.

You are reassured that all PEC paperwork is handled in the strictest of confidence.

Transfers and withdrawals

For a variety of reasons you may find it necessary to take a break from your studies. 

You may be thinking of:

  • transferring to another programme
  • suspending study for a year
  • withdrawing from university altogether

You should speak to your personal tutor, Degree Programme Director, or programme support member of staff about this. 


A number of our degree programmes are accredited by professional bodies.

Visit our accreditation pages or see your programme handbook for further information.

If you decide to apply for professional accreditation after you graduate, you will be asked to submit certain information.

We strongly recommend that you collect this whilst at university.

The information that you need to keep includes:

  • copies of your transcripts
  • copies of module outline forms
  • copies of exam papers which available from the Library website.

Module Selection Meetings

We hold module selection meetings Monday 16 April 2018 until Wednesday 25 April 2018 (Teaching Weeks 8 and 9, Syllabus Plus Weeks 33 and 34) to help students make their choices.

What happens at the Module Selection Meeting?

During the meetings, information will be provided on individual modules and academic staff will explain what options are available to students. The times of the talks can be viewed here - Module Selection Talks

All students currently in Stages One and Two (except those on Business, Accounting and Finance NN14 and International Business Management N120/N121) will be expected to attend their meeting.

Module selection meetings recaps. 

How do I pre register for my modules?

All current Stage One and Two students must pre register their module choices online via the Student Self-Service Portal (S3P). You only have six days to do this. The portal opens for Business School students at 9am on Thursday 26 April 2018 and closes at 8pm on Wednesday 2 May 2018. The portal is open 24 hours and is web based so you can do this on or off campus, and at any time of the day or night.

How do I know which optional modules to choose from?

This will be explained at the module selection meeting. Also, the 2018/19 degree programme regulations list the compulsory and optional modules at every Stage. We strongly recommend that you look at the degree programme regulations for your programme in advance of your meeting. Where there are pathways in the degree programmes regulations it is very important that you select your optional modules from within one pathway (this will be checked and we will contact you if you have selected modules from different pathways).

Where can I find more detailed information on specific modules?

Detailed module information can be found by using the Module Catalogue. To search for a module, type in the module code (or search by School or by degree programme). You must make sure that the 2018/19 academic year is selected in your search. The Module Catalogue contains information on credit value, semester taught, learning outcomes, assessment, and teaching staff.

To access the Module Catalogue whilst off campus, please login via RAS (the Remote Application Service) using your normal University ID and password.

Once logged on, select the folder Communications and Browsers, and then IE for Campus Web Pages. This will get you access to all of the web pages that you would normally be able to see whilst logged on, on campus, including the Module Catalogue.

Can I choose an optional module from outside my degree programme regulations?

You are asked to pre register for optional modules which are listed in your degree programme regulations. Our programmes have been carefully designed with an academic rationale as to which compulsory and optional modules are included.

In very exceptional circumstances it is possible to study an optional module from outside your degree programme regulations. However, you will need to wait until the timetable is published in September 2018 to see if the module fits in with the rest of your timetable. You would then need to seek approval from your Degree Programme Director. In the meantime and at module pre registration, you are required to pre register for an optional module which is listed in your degree programme regulations so that your module choices can be included in the timetable.

I am currently on a placement year/year out, do I need to pre register for my modules now?

Yes, if you are currently on placement during 2017/18, you need to pre register for your modules for next year via S3P. S3P is open 24 hours a day until 8pm on Wednesday 2 May 2018.

I am going on a placement year/year out next year (in 2018/19), do I need to pre register for my modules now?

No, if you know that you are going to be on a placement during 2018/19, you do not need to your pre register for your modules via S3P now. Instead you will do this next year whilst on placement (in April 2019) for your return in 2019/20.

Can I use a MAC to access the S3P system?

You are recommended to use a PC to access S3P. Nevertheless the system should work on a MAC. To be entirely sure, you should test that you can log in to the system before you have to select your modules. If you encounter difficulties, you should use the RAS system.

What if my degree programme has no optional modules?

Students whose modules next year are all compulsory do not need to do anything and will not be able to log into S3P during the module choice period. Their modules will be automatically loaded into the system.

What if I don’t pre register my modules by the deadline?

You must pre register your modules on time by 8pm on Wednesday 2 May 2018. As this is during term time, we expect all students to be able to access the portal at some point during the six day period - even if you are overseas or ill for part of the week. If there are exceptional circumstances as to why you can’t make your module choice on time e.g. you have been rushed into hospital for the entire six day period, you should contact your Programme Secretary by email and it may be possible to make special arrangements for you. Otherwise, you will need to accept that the modules that you eventually choose maynot be your preferred optional modules.

What can I do if I change my mind about my modules between April and September?

In theory the regulations allow for module amendments within a limited period of time at the very start of term (at which point the academic timetable will be published), however, in practice there needs to be a free space available on the module and it needs to fit into your timetable. Students must not assume that they will freely be able to change modules in September and should therefore give very careful consideration to their module choices at pre registration.

If in September there is a free space on a module and it fits with your timetable, you need will to seek approval from your Degree Programme Director to change modules. When checking the availability of a module at the start of the academic year, you must make sure that you check the timetable slots for both Semesters (if it’s a year long module) to ensure that there are no clashes. Remember, it’s not unusual for a year long module to change its timetabled slots between Semesters.

What happens if a module does not run in September?

Very occasionally an optional module may not run (come the beginning of the academic year). This is generally because there have not been enough students signed up for it, or because a member of academic staff has left the university. If this happens, all students affected will be emailed and given the opportunity to select a different optional module.