Newcastle University Business School

Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

As a mentor, you'll help a small group of stage one students settle into life and their course at the Business School.

You will assist students when they need:

  • support
  • someone to listen
  • someone to talk through choices
  • knowledge about where to get specialist advice and help

Where possible, you will be matched to groups of mentees on the basis of subjects studied.

The scheme is not a substitute for personal tutoring or subject advisers. It is in place to complement these systems.

Benefits of being a peer mentor

In addition to the opportunity to develop your communication and presentation skills, you’ll also receive:

  • full training for the role
  • a hoodie to help identify you in this role
  • a certificate from the University to show your involvement
  • recognition on your High Education Achievement Record document
  • a chance to win an iPad
  • an invitation to attend a thank you event with awards for best mentor from each Faculty

Skills required

To be successful in this role, you must be able to demonstrate:

  • empathy
  • respect for others
  • a commitment to helping others
  • the ability to interact with a variety of people
  • willingness to accept standards of ethical conduct such as confidentiality
  • good organisation

Application process

We are no longer accepting applications.

Meeting your mentees

Where possible, you will be matched to groups of mentees on the basis of subjects studied. Once assigned, there will be a formal opportunity to meet your mentees as a group.

We expect all mentors to meet their mentees once in induction week and a further four times in semester one. You can also contact them via phone or email.

Your training

You will be given thorough training which will clearly outline the limits of your role and your responsibilities (to safeguard both mentors and mentees). Throughout the year, you'll be fully supported by Business School professional support staff via a reporting and debriefing system. This will include regular meetings.

For more information, please contact: