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We want to make sure you leave us as highly employable graduates with an understanding of the relevance of academic learning in an organisational context.

Undergraduate 12 month work placements

Companies offering placements

About placements 

Read our ‘Commercial Placements – A Guide to Getting Started’ as a first port of call to find out what you need to know about completing a placement year as part of your course. You can find advice on starting your placement search, how to prepare for success and more.


Benefits of a placement

A one year placement brings a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Real life business experience – experience working in the career that you would like to enter and gain a deeper understanding of that job sector
  • Practical evidence of achievement – Add any accomplishments to your CV and impress employers when applying for jobs
  • Increased confidence – Enter your final year with a mature and determined attitude
  • Commercial acumen and occupational awareness – Gain an understanding of how a business operates, and apply theory learnt at University into practise 
  • Networking opportunities – Meet employers during the year, and potentially receive a graduate job offer
  • Earning a salary – The average salary of a placement year is £16,000 - £18,000 (depends on location/employer)


Companies offering placements include:

  • G‌laxoSmithKline
  • Procter & Gamble
  • L'Oréal
  • PwC
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • IBM
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Accenture
  • Unilever
  • Nissan

With over 100 students going on placements each year, you are sure to to find something that's just right for you. 

Connect with us

Connect with us

Contact James Wade to find out more:

Help and Support

We offer full support to all students who are interested in doing a placement year as part of their degree between stages two and three.

International Placements


International Placements 

Why do an International Placement?

  • demonstrate you are confident, organised and determined
  • develop a global network - an opportunity you may otherwise miss out on
  • gain maturity
  • experience different cultures, customs and languages

Where to find International Placements

There are many sources of information which will be the key to your global work experience:

Remember, the placement must be relevant to your course and should you find an overseas placement, you must discuss it with us.  





Whilst On Placement

As well as a full time employee, you will still be classed as a student whilst out on placement and will therefore still receive help and support, need to pay tuition fees, and complete assignments.

Whilst on Placement

Support from the Business School

  • You will recieve support from the Placement Officer, your personal tutor, and module leader whilst you are out on placement.
  • You will have a catch up with a member of staff during your placement year to let them know what you are doing on your placement/how it is going.
  • You will be able to join a Facebook group set up for students on placement to keep in contact with each other, as well as staff. 

Still classed as a student

  • When you are on placement, you are still a student as Newcastle University, as well as a full time employee.
  • You are still expected to pay tuition fees to the University for access to all of the facilities e.g. access to the library (including online), access to blackboard, student discounts and academic suport.
  • You will still be eligible to apply for a maintenence loan, although this will be at a reduced rate
  • You will need to complete assignments throughout the year. This will include 3 reflective reports and a final reflective report. All of which are assessed on a pass/fail basis.


For full details of what to expect when you're on placement, and information that you will need before the placement starts, see the Placement Handbook.

Student Profiles

Read about the experiences of some of our placement students.

  • Charlotte Whatley: BSc Economics

    Newcastle Building Society - Conduct Risk Student Placement

    "I have had the opportunity to work with a range of people and to develop my communication and relationship building skills in a variety of situations".

    Read more.

  • Ryan Mottershead: BSc Marketing

    Cummins Turbo Technologies - Industrial Sales Placement

    "The year out has made me prepared to go into a graduate role. Many companies also look at experience rather than just academic accreditation; I can’t emphasise this point enough".

    Read more.

  • Helen Beeby: BSc Marketing

    MYJAR - Markerting Assistant

    "This placement year has helped me to focus on what area of Marketing I want to concentrate on. If you don’t know which area of your degree subject you want to branch out to, this year in industry will help you". 

    Read more.

  • Davina Blakey: BSc Marketing and Management

    Marks & Spencer - Business Selling Management Trainee

    "The most significant skill that I have developed is my leadership; I have learned how to take ownership and responsibility in leading teams."

    Read more.

  • Jonathan Tse: BA Accounting and Finance

    Newcastle University Business School - Alumni Relations Intern

    "The placement has given me an insight of the working life. I have realised how time can be precious when working and how many responsibilities sit on my shoulders".

    Read more.

  • Yousef Mensli: BA Business Management

    JLT, SR-M, Constellis and G+Europe - North African Analyst

    The main reason I undertook a one year placement was to gain work experience, but I also felt that I needed to apply the knowledge I’d learnt over my educational life into a working environment.

    Read more.