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Internship - Rwanda


Suitable for Stage Two students from all degree disciplines.

Internship info


Want to gain some unique work experience working with entrepreneurs in Africa? This is a great opportunity to undertake a project working alongside students from Groningen University. If you’re interested in making a difference to local communities this internship is for you. Working life in Rwanda can be chaotic so be prepared to work on lots of different things if needed… but it will be unlike any other internship you’ll ever do!


Ideas in Motion is a global charitable organisation with international scope and focus on Rwanda. Its mission is to support African entrepreneurs by developing their ideas, enhancing start-ups and growing more established businesses. To support Rwandan entrepreneurs more effectively they provided an online platform, idego, where entrepreneurs can advertise projects for which they need assistance…which is where you come in!


You will be based in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. Kigali has a high expat population and there are a lot of Western tourists and volunteers living in the area, as well as waves of foreign investment. According to Lonely Planet, Kigali is one of the most attractive cities in Africa, as well as one of the cleanest and safest.


The internship will commence on Monday 06 July and last 4 weeks.

Next to the date of the project itself, there are several other important dates: 

  1. Pre-departure training of three hours, 13th of May 2020
    Before the project we will have a session which will focus on working in a different context and in an international team.
  2. After project session, date to be determined
    We will have a closing session in which all participants of the GEO-projects will present their results.


Ideas in Motion match students from Europe with local entrepreneurs through Idego to work on projects. You will be working with a student from Groningen University on a project set by Ideas in Motion. During the four week internship you will be helping the entrepreneur(s) you are matched with in various ways to help set up or boost their business and seeing how this can impact the local economy. This can include marketing, strategy, finance and human resource management. As a team, you are expected to make a short research report of max 2 pages and illustrate the work you have done, supporting the local entrepreneur. You can do this by using pictures or images.

Ideas in Motion will assign you to entrepreneurs so you could be working on a variety of different subjects.


How can starting entrepreneurs be supported and how does this contribute to local economic development? For this, small multi-cultural student teams will be assigned to starting entrepreneurs. The student teams will support and cooperate with the entrepreneurs with the aim to turn their start-up ideas into valuable business.


Each of the participants will be asked to write a short report (1000 words) on the activities that have been carried out and how this supported the entrepreneur. The written reports need to be illustrated with pictures of their activities.  Moreover, students are encouraged to make a short, one minute, YouTube video to add to their portfolio. This portfolio will be used for Ideas in motion, their website and for the research on Local Economic and Social Development.


The work you do for the entrepreneurs you’re matched with will really make a difference to their life and contribute to their business, so this will be a very rewarding internship programme. Work with a student from Groningen and boost your adaptability as well as your business skills in Kigali, one of Africa’s most beautiful cities.

How many places are available?

Up to 10 places for Newcastle University Business School students

Up to 10 places for Groningen University FEB students

What are the costs?        

Flights: Approximately £700

Accommodation including breakfast: Approximately £450 - £600

What did previous students say?              

“The internship provided me not only with the chance to develop my own skills in marketing, communication and team-working, but also the chance to travel Africa, embrace and learn about African culture and meet new contacts. I will never forget this experience and have left feeling humbled and proud of the work we achieved there, knowing that it only benefited me, but my entrepreneurial partners also”

Additional Information

Ideas in Motion’s website.