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Internship - Tanzania


Suitable for Stage Two students from all degree disciplines.

Internship info


Want to gain some work experience with a social enterprise in Africa? This is a great opportunity to undertake a meaningful research based internship in Tanzania working alongside students from Groningen University. If you’re interested in social change and making a difference to local communities this internship is for you!


The Elisabeth Centre provides primary school education, housing, clean water, maize and creates jobs for local people. You will be carrying out research on behalf of the Dutch charity Florentina Foundation which is one of two charities which funds the Elisabeth Centre. The Florentina Foundation carries out research and implement projects which boost economic development in the area, so that the Elisabeth Centre can ultimately become self-sufficient.


You will be staying in Kolila village (where the Elisabeth Centre is), close to Arusha, Tanzania.


The internship will commence on 01 July 2019 and will last for 4 weeks.


You will be carrying out a research project alongside students from our partner Groningen University. You will be assigned an academic project supervisor from Groningen who will oversee your research and offer guidance on your project.

The project:

What is the role of an NGO in relation to local economic development?  This year we will focus the research more on the people and local administration in Kolila, the village in which the Elizabeth Centre is situated. How do the people perceive the Centre, how did it help them and where do they think the Centre could help them more in their living and development. 

Based on the bachelor thesis of Zoe Abulzahab students have to work out this thesis by interviewing people in the village on how they perceive the Elizabeth Centre and the contribution of the Centre to the local communities. In the final report, we would like to have real existing examples, with pictures and tape recordings if possible, of the Centre’s influence. We are also looking for new activities that are needed in the local community in which the Centre could contribute to. This portfolio will be used for the Elizabeth Centre, their website and for the research on Local Economic and Social Development. These questions are related to the research done on Local Economic and Social Development. (Pennink, 2014).


Get the chance to conduct research to identify how the local economy can be boosted. This is about REAL research which will make a REAL difference to the local community. Previous interns from Groningen have even presented their research at a conference in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

Working in Tanzania will be an experience like no other and living in the village will showcase your adaptability skills, which are highly valued by graduate employers.

How many places are available?

2 places for Newcastle University Business School students

2 places for Groningen University FEB students

What are the costs?        

Flights: Approximately 700 Euros

Accommodation and meals: Approximately 700 Euros

What did previous students say?  

“Not only will this internship be hugely beneficial for the Elizabeth Centre and its local community, but already it has had a huge impact on me. This includes the skills that I have developed, accompanied by an increased awareness of the hardship some people in this world face, and thus I hope to continue this new, more ethically aware stance into my career. In the short term I strongly believe that being so heavily involved with a project focused around economic development, I will be able to transform my experience into the classroom and enhance my studies, especially as one my modules is looking at economic development.”

Additional Information

This internship will also give you the opportunity to volunteer in the village- teach English in the primary school and play sport with the children in the village. Last year’s interns even went on safari!

Florentina Foundation website