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NISM Internship

Particularly suitable for Stage 2 undergraduates studying Economics or Accounting & Finance


National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) is a public trust established in 2006 by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulator of the securities markets in India. NISM carries out a wide range of capacity building activities at various levels aimed at enhancing the quality standards of the securities markets. The institute’s six schools of excellence and the National Centre for Financial Education work in synergy towards professionalised securities markets. Its vision is to lead, catalyse and deliver educational initiatives to enhance the quality of the securities market and its mission is to engage in capacity building among the stakeholders in the securities markets through financial literacy, professional education, enhancing governance standards and fostering policy research.


You will be based at NISM's state of the art campus, located at Patalganga, less than 100km from Mumbai. You will work from and stay on the campus.


The NISM internship will commence Monday 06 July for four weeks.


You will undertake a research project, working in a team with students from Groningen University.

Your team will work under the guidance of a supervisor from NISM, gaining an insight into India's diverse culture and fast-paced business environment.

Although your actual project title will not be decided until nearer the time, last year's student research topics included

  • Bombay and National Stock Exchange’s SME Exchanges and the London Stock Exchange’s AIM Exchange
  • A Comparative Volatility and Statistical Study Investigation into challenges faced and SMEs
  • Investigation into the effect on demonetisation of the Indian Rupee on stock prices 


This is the perfect introduction to a career in finance in the world’s fastest growing economy. Undertake extensive research which could form the basis of your final year dissertation and work in a truly global team.

How many places are available?

6 places to be shared between Newcastle University Business School students and Groningen University FEB students

What are the costs?

Flights: Approximately £500-£600 return
Accommodation & meals: Approximately £500

What did past NISM interns say?

“This experience was unbelievable, and I am very grateful. It helped me develop a good understanding of financial markets in India. Completing an independent research project was a very unique and amazing experience, due to us working very closely with a faculty member mentor. I learnt a lot from my mentor and writing my report developed my skills ready for my dissertation. This academic experience was very unique and developed many skills that will be so useful in the future.”

Additional Information

Last year’s interns got an insight into NISM’s very own trading simulator lab, a system which is directly linked to the Bombay Stock Exchange in real time, where they developed their trading techniques. NISM also typically organise field trips for interns, and invite them to seminars and conferences.

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