Newcastle University Business School

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Culture, power and discourse: setting an agenda for exploring culture at work

Date/Time: Wednesday 1 March 2017, 16:00-18:00

Venue: Room 4.23, Newcastle University Business School

Speaker: Dr Jo Angouri, Assoc. Professor, Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick

‘Culture’, in its multiple meanings, has attracted significant interest over the years in relation to work practices and behaviours. Since the 80s the number of studies has grown exponentially and ‘intercultural’ skills and competences are commonly associated with a global mindset and the skills an individual needs in order to interact successfully and work efficiently in multinational contexts.

The different approaches associated with Positivism and Constructionism and the influence of the Discourse Turn are well known and widely debated. In this seminar, Dr Jo Angouri intends to go beyond binaries of the past and to problematise core assumptions that have been widely adopted in relevant research. Arguing for a holistic and context sensitive approach drawing on recent work in workplace sociolinguistics.

The original research paper also closes the paper with a framework and a multidisciplinary agenda for studying culture at work.

Research group: Strategy, Organisations and Society