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Disruption in Financial Services – How Technology is Changing the Bank

In this session, hear from Business School graduate Steve Corry, Director and Former Vice President for Global Technology Production at Deutsche Bank, to find out how Deutsche Bank is using technology to innovate its services across the globe.

Date/Time: Wednesday 22 February, 14:00-14:45

Venue: Business School (room number to be displayed in Business School reception area on the day)

Speaker: Steve Corry, Director and Former Vice President, Global Technology Production, Deutsche Bank

From paying with smartphones to automating transactions, the pace of change and the evolving demands of clients and customers are driving huge technological and operational advances in the banking industry across the globe, helping banks better understand their customers, optimise services and enhance their competitiveness.

At the same time, technological advances have given rise to a host of financial technology (fintech) start-ups who promise to revolutionise the banking industry by offering more innovative and cheaper services than their corporate counterparts.

Financial services are transforming- you can bank on it! But what does this all mean for the more traditional banks?

Steve has global responsibility for continual service improvement across Deutsche Bank’s Enterprise Service portfolio and in this session you will find out:

  • How Steve ended up working in technology, despite his original aspiration to become an accountant
  • Why it is so important for global businesses like Deutsche Bank to utilise and embrace digital technology 
  • What the threat of fin-tech start up means for more traditional organisations such as Deutsche Bank 
  • The skills and experience Deutsche Bank is looking for from graduates, and why you should consider a career in finance that isn’t strictly banking or accountancy

Unfortunately, sign ups for this session are now closed due to high demand and limited capacity.