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Don’t use the “weak” word: Women brewers, identities and gendered territories of embodied work

Date/Time: Wednesday 15 March 2017, 16:00-18:00

Venue: Room 2.08, Newcastle University Business School

Speaker: Agnieszka Ridzik

This research seminar focuses on an unresearched group of women brewers and explores worker (corpo)realities within the gendered landscape of microbreweries.

Verbal narratives of women brewers’ experiences and visual representations of their embodied work are utilised to provide insights into how women brewers’ bodily practices and gender constitute resources for discursively constructing their brewster identity.

Agnieszka argues that women brewers engage in identity work through discourses of their embodied and gendered working selves: firstly, through discursively downplaying gender in relation to physical work in order to demonstrate perceived body capital parity, and, secondly, through foregrounding gender capital when non-physical aspects of the role are involved.

By exploring the body/work nexus in the context of brewer’s work, and drawing conceptually on embodiment and identity work, the paper challenges marginalisation of the female worker body in scholarly work on male-dominated occupations.

Research group: Human Resource Management, Work and Employment