Newcastle University Business School

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Entrepreneurial practice during pregnancy: a conceptual framework

Date/Time: Thursday 2 February 2017, 12:00-13:30

Venue: Room 4.25, Newcastle University Business School

Speaker: Professor Julia Rouse, Manchester Metropolitan University

During this seminar Professor Julia Rouse will outline a feminist critical realist framework for conceptualising and researching entrepreneurial practice in pregnancy with the hope that this will inspire a global programme of empirical research regarding embodied contexts, practices and outcomes.

Professor Rouse will outline a critical realist ontology to propose a framework for researching entrepreneur pregnancy that relies on Archer’s morphogenetic cycle of interaction between the natural body, laminated systems of socio-cultural contexts and a reflexive agent.

Our ontology (our nature of being) emphasises that entrepreneurs are differently positioned within emergent, open systems; while generative mechanisms in the body and context are real they create variable events for differently positioned women.

The multi-level system of contexts being proposed are:

  • the global systems of pro-masculine capitalism
  • meso-level institutions that mediate, subvert or enhance pro-masculine capitalism,
  • practice relations in markets, businesses and families.

This seminar aims to reveal relations otherwise hidden. First, in highlighting entrepreneur pregnancy as an urgent topic of research. Second, by outlining a framework of mechanisms across three strata of reality that compose the morphological emergence of entrepreneurial practice in pregnancy. Third, by proposing a framework to support a global programme of comparative research. And fourth, by enabling entrepreneurship researchers to think more clearly about how all entrepreneurial practice is embodied. 

Research group: Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE)