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Gathering and analysing social media data: New tools, new methods and old techniques

Join Dr Finola Kerrigan from Birmingham Business School as she investigates new tools, new methods and old techniques for gathering and analysing social media data.

Date/Time: Wednesday 23 November 2016, 12:30

Venue: Newcastle University Business School, Room 4.06

This research seminar considers the challenges involved in researching using social media data.  

Such data combines text, images and video and this creates challenges in gathering the data, gaining permission and analysing the data in meaningful ways.  

Drawing on a series of studies mainly undertaken as part of the ReelLives project, we identify problems faced by researchers, offer solutions and illustrate the need to develop methodological innovation in order to gain insight.  

The ReelLives project aimed to understand digital identity and one of the key outcomes of the project has been a need to question dominant methods of data gathering and analysis in the era of big data.

Research group: Services Marketing