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Little Heresies: "Evidence? Is that all you've got?" Why sometimes evidence isn't enough

Peter Wright, Environmental Health Officer, will be giving an insight into the true barriers faced by policy makers face, and give some often uncomfortable solutions for those trying to influence the decision makers.

Date/Time: Thursday 10 November 2016, 18:00-19:30

Venue: Newcastle University Business School Partners Room

Peter Wright has been an Environmental Health Officer for 32 years. He is convenor of the North East Public Health SkunkWorks, a loose alliance of people who want to look for new ways of “doing whatever it takes” to improve health and wellbeing in the region. Peter is known by the Chief Executive of his professional body as “Mr Awkward”, and by far less flattering names in other circles.

Peter has been involved in a host of local, regional and national policy development work, and has found that decisions on policy are rarely based on what the evidence suggests is really needed.

Whilst this might sound like there are corrupt conspiracies everywhere, the reality is far more mundane.

The rightful power that should be afforded to good evidence is normally diminished by a wide variety of everyday things. Some of these are easy to tackle, some almost impossible. As most of us are unaware of these barriers, few people are tailoring their activities to get their evidence the recognition and power it deserves.

Peter will try to give us an insight into the true barriers to policy makers converting evidence into meaningful decisions, and give some often uncomfortable solutions for those trying to influence decision makers.