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#MillenialsofInstagram – The role of Instagram on the development of female millennials as consumers

Part of the Services Marketing research groups' seminar series

Date/Time: Thursday 2 November, 12:00 - 13:30

Venue: Room 1.14, Newcastle University Business School

Speaker: Dr. Cagri Yalkin, Lecturer in Marketing, Birmingham Business School

Social media are a crucial component of consumer socialisation, particularly among the female millennials that make up a large and highly engaged proportion of users. We investigate how the motivation for using social media influences the socialisation process and its outcome. Our study focuses on Instagram, and is informed by both consumer socialisation theory and uses and gratifications theory. Drawing on the findings from a two-year netnograhic study, we conclude that different drivers lead to particular modes of engagement, a focus on different features, engagement specific socialisation agents, and the recourse to particular socialisation mechanisms. These varying modes of use and interaction, then, result in different outcomes. Specifically, knowledge acquisition occurs when Instagram is for information seeking and socialisation; skills are developed when Instagram is used for entertainment and self-presentation; and attitudes are formed when Instagram is used for information seeking, self-presentation and socialisation.

Dr. Yalkin is a Lecturer in Branding. She has a PhD in Marketing from Warwick Business School and she previously held a Lecturer in Marketing position at King’s College London and an Assistant Professor of Advertising position in Istanbul, Turkey. Her research is in the field of marketing with a specific focus on consumer socialization, audience reception, and politics and a wider focus on social media and branding. To date this research has included consumption and censorship, transnational consumption of soap-operas and nation-branding, and adolescents and consumption skills. She has previously published in European Management Review, New Media & Society, Journal of Consumer Policy, and Advances in Consumer Research. Dr. Yalkin is the associate editor of European Management Review for marketing and serves as a reviewer for Journal of Marketing Management, Advances in Consumer Research, New Media & Society, Arts and the Market, and Journal of Consumer Policy. Her research has been funded by the British Academy/Leverhulme.