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Why Most People in the Eastern Cape are excluded from the Socio-economy

Join us for a Human Resource Management, Work and Employment research seminar.

Date/Time: Tuesday 11 October 2016, 16:00 - 18:00

Venue: Newcastle University Business School, Room 2.12

Speaker: Prof. Deon Pretorius, Development Partners, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Deon’s presentation will explore the nature and reasons for development failure in the townships and rural communities of Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Arguably, local government has made reasonable progress in providing historically excluded communities with various resources, including housing, water, electricity, sanitation systems and social grants. However, the majority of people in these communities still live in poverty.

Deon will discuss what this says about ‘developmental local government’ and alternative development approaches. Arguably, community economic development has not come onto the agenda.  

The patterns of exclusion, which were structured by apartheid urban planning, are perpetuated. As a consequence, township and rural communities which were excluded from the mainstream of the economy in the past, are still not regarded as sites of economic potential and opportunity.

The consequence is that people either work in an economy that is ‘elsewhere’, remain unemployed or survive by way of state grants. Apparently, a different mind-set, development model and developmental partnership is required