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Sharon Mavin

Podcast: Women aren't as competitive as men leaders

Join Dr. Nicola Patterson, Senior Lecturer, and Professor Sharon Mavin, Director of the Business School, as they discuss women and competition.


In this podcast we hear from Sharon, the first woman to be appointed as Director of Newcastle University Business School, about women and competition. She highlights the critical need for gender balanced organisations and economies to ensure communities thrive. Sharon shares with us the results of her research working with over 80 women in top leader positions in the FTSE 100, 250 and North East Directors at the top of their organisational hierarchies. In doing so, Sharon challenges us to question our own underlying assumptions and rethink our practices.

This podcast is part of a series created by our team to mark International Women’s Day 2019. Our aim is to celebrate some of the amazing people with whom we work to champion women, inside and outside the University. Each podcast focuses on a myth that women have told us can act as a barrier to them in some aspect of their world. We hope that you find each one thought provoking, energising and that they prompt you to act in some way, however small, to bring about change. 

About our team

The new five-strong Leadership Development and Organisation Futures Team work in partnership with the business community to integrate the University’s world class core strengths into leadership and business application. Grand challenges such as sustainability, data use, increasing pace of technological change, and an ageing and diverse workforce mean that organisations need to be adaptable and flexible. We collaborate with organisations of all types across sectors, to enable leaders to foster an environment for innovation and sustained growth that is regionally rooted with a global perspective. We’d love to hear from you, to join the conversation please contact:

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