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#BalanceforBetter at the Business School

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by highlighting the collaborative work we’re doing on gender equity all year round and reflecting on the IWD theme of #BalanceforBetter

International Women’s Day 2019 asks us an increasingly important question: How can we move toward a more gender balanced world?

In a recent podcast, Professor Sharon Mavin, Director of the Business School, said “Gender balanced organisations and economies are essential for communities to thrive. Balance is not a women’s issue, it’s a business issue and a social justice issue.”

“Here at Newcastle University Business School we are developing thousands of leaders and managers for the ‘Future of Work’ and to ‘Lead on Leadership’. Part of this education and development should include critiquing the gender stereotypes that constrain gender balance in organisations.”

“So for us, gender in leadership and management research remains a top priority as the gender imbalance in leadership exists. This is despite the fact that women have closed the education, work experience and ambition gaps."

“There is a persistent lack of women in top leadership positions and here in the Business School we are working hard to understand why”

Research into the systemic barriers that operate in workplaces of all kinds is central to the Business School agenda. Professor Sharon Mavin, believes the status quo of women in leadership roles should be challenged and redefined. She said “In my vision for the future for women in leadership roles, this hyper-visibility disappears.”

“There are only leaders – not women leaders. The media positively profile women leaders alongside men leaders, recognising their credibility and enabling young women, men and girls and boys to identify with successful, credible women, who lead in positions of power. In doing so, we are able to inspire the next generation of women and men into gender-inclusive leadership.”

The Business School is home to three collaborative spaces that extend the real world reach of the Business School’s research. 

Gender and Entrepreneurship North East (GENE) brings together researchers, policy makers and practitioners to advance issues of gender and other categories of social difference in entrepreneurship in the North East of England.  The purpose of GENE is to enable a regional space for voices to be heard so that a place can be created where knowledge of gender and other categories of social difference within entrepreneurship to be harnessed, produced and transferred to enable social and structural change.

North East Women Leaders (NEWL) is setting out to research and change future regional work practices that will lead to the greater development, recruitment, retention and promotion of women leaders.

Women in Sustainability NE (WINS) provides a hub for women working in the sustainability sector and is researching the lived experiences of a women-only forum in this sector.

If you would like to be involved in our work, please come along to an informal lunch at the Business School on International Women’s Day or contact our Leadership Development and Organisation Futures team here.

We’re committed to supporting innovative business women who aspire to higher levels of influence and personal development. Find out more about our MBA Advancing Women in Leadership Scholarship.

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Watch this video to find out more about the work we do on this agenda across the School

published on: 7 March 2019