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Business School Students win Zurich Enterprise Challenge 2018

MBA students Shaun Boyle and Amelia Lemus Gonzalez, and PhD student Ola Ogunbodede beat teams from across the world to become finalists

Two of our MBA students and one of our PhD candidates competed against hundreds of other postgraduate students from around the world to make it to the final of the Zurich Enterprise Challenge 2018, as a result they were invited to the Zurich Global Risk Management Summit in Berlin to present their findings from the competition in front of industry leaders.

The Zurich Enterprise Challenge is one of the ways Zurich supports their customers beyond pure risk transfer. They pair students from around the world together with multinational companies to work on a real world challenge of their choice, by using the Zurich Risk Room to provide risk insight. 

The competition process involved 3 phases;

  • Phase 1 – submitting a 6 minute YouTube video answering a generic case
  • Phase 2 – Answer a real case from one of Zurich’s many business partners, over a 4 week consultancy period, ending in a final presentation.
  • Phase 3 – Attend the Zurich Risk Management Summit in Berlin, and present in front of industry leaders.

For Phase 2, our students consulted with Parrish & Heimbecker – a Canadian grain company, with revenues in the Billions $. They were required to do a risk profile of their international grain trading businesses. At Phase 2 there were 10 business partners, with each partner having two teams answering their brief. Shaun, Amelia and Ola beat t the other team working on the same brief, and made it to the top 10. The CFO of Parrish & Heimbecker asked the team to expand on their recommendations and present to their Executive Board. They were the first team to be given the unique opportunity to present to the entire Executive Board of Parrish & Heimbecker.

The team then went on to win the overall competition at the Zurich Risk Management Summit in Berlin, by presenting their findings in front of industry leaders. This is a great achievement and the Business School hopes that more teams from Newcastle can compete, and hopefully win in the future.

Hear more about this global competition from Kevin Klippenstein, Chief Financial Officer of Parrish & Heimbecker Limited; Christian Amon, Senior Proposition Manager (Zurich Risk Room) of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd; and Eugenie Molyneux, Chief Risk Officer Commercial Insurance of Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.

published on: 7 January 2019