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Dr. Karen Elliott interviewed on Searching for Mana podcast

Business School academic Dr. Karen Elliott was interviewed for an episode of Searching for Mana, released on Tuesday 11 August.

London-born entrepreneur and headhunter, Lloyd Wahed hosts Searching For Mana, a podcast focused on tech innovation in finance, and features some of the influencers, leaders and founders in the tech and finance space from unicorn companies to financial disruptors. The podcast gives an insight into how they got into FinTech, what they're currently focused on, what their companies are all about, as well as some of the important trends that they've highlighted in the market. 

On Tuesday 11 August, Lloyd welcomes Dr. Karen Elliott to the podcast who focuses her research on FinTech within the Digital Economy and examining the Future of Work. Karen was voted as #Standout 35 Women in FinTech Powerlist awarded by Innovate Finance. 
Karen and Lloyd discuss where academicia crosses over into commerce, as well where AI will cause the most disruption in the hierarchy of jobs. Karen says on the podcast: 
"Having spoken to experts on both the social science side and the computer science side, the automation is removing the lower layer of menial jobs. At the moment, that's what AI can do successfully - it can do the basic measurements. You program it, train it on the historic data (which is a whole issue in itself) and then it can release that [work] from you. And then you say what's the next evolution? In doing that, we've definitely got a trade-off. If they're allowed to just go and learn, then who's keeping an eye on that AI? How do we know it's predicating correctly?" 

Searching for Mana is available on Apple, Spotify and all major podcast platforms. 

Listen to the podcast here.

published on: 11 August 2020