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Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship students compete in National Trade Competition

The National Trade Academy Programme offers a variety of new learning opportunities in order to upskill and engage students, businesses, and academics. Building international trade and investment related skills and knowledge across the UK, the programme helps to engender a culture of exporting through a broad range of initiatives.

Students from across the UK were challenged at the Academy’s ‘Exporting Heritage Showcase.’ A challenge involving students working in groups, acting as senior managers of a medium sized business, specialising in luxury fashion, based in the North East of England.

One of the main challenges presented to students, was that the mock company had been receiving interest and requests to expand overseas. The Managing Director was keen to implement this at the company.

In their teams, students had to:

  • Identify a target international market
  • Create a brand and modify a product for their chosen market
  • Develop an accompanying export strategy

Students worked on this task together, before competing against other Universities, including Durham, Leeds, York, and York St. John. This competition took place on 28 February in Durham, with the teams presenting their findings to a panel of experts.

Representing Newcastle University Business School were Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) MSc students Rhea Nijhawan, Cristian Hoyos Castano, Muhammad Asim, Laura Bernal Vergara, Angel Picazo Chiu, Priyam Govil, and Rosa Nieto Rubio.

Unfortunately the Business School’s team were not successful in winning the overall competition, and Leeds University took the title. However, the School’s team managed to win the “Champions Choice Award”. This award was voted on by businesses and the other students who had attended the event.

The judges were very impressed by the Newcastle University Business School team, saying: “The team gave a good presentation, with impressive visuals used to sell their product and strategy and a dynamic presentation style. The team developed an innovative model; and gave good consideration to some of the challenges of operating in their chosen market.”

The team added: “This experience has been incredible in terms of knowledge and development. Working with an excellent team and having great minds involved changed the work environment. We’d put in a lot of hard work and it was all worth the effort. The audiences were mesmerized by our presentation and that boosted our morale to next level.”

This was a great opportunity for our students, who have been able to take knowledge learnt from their course and apply it to this competition. This experience will be extremely beneficial for them, as they continue their studies and enter the world of work. This is just one of many ways for our students to get involved in extra curricular activities to enhance their experience and employability, find out more about our Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship course here.

The Business School would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our students on achieving this award. Other opportunities such as this happen throughout the year, and can be found on our Student Blog, or advertised on our Social Media Channels.

Our Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship students at the National Trade Competition in Durham.

published on: 21 March 2019