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International research into container supply chains receives £140K grant

An innovative international research project exploring ‘collaborative decision making on container supply chains’ has been awarded a prestigious grant from the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI).

The partnership between Newcastle University Business School and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD) looks to develop a web-based support platform which will coordinate decision-making between partners in maritime container supply chains using real-time container tracking data.

The project, which has been awarded £144,330 from the UKIERI, will provide a new model for shipping service provision that will enable stakeholders to improve the utilisation of ships, helping to increase their competiveness and reduce CO2 emissions.

Led by Dr Jingxin Dong and Professor Chris Hicks of Newcastle University Business School, along with Professor Ravi Shankar of IITD, the research will look at ways to improve the efficiency of the container shipping system, and help the industry cut down operational costs, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

Chris Hicks, Deputy Director and Professor of Operations Management at the Business School, said: “Container shipping plays a very important role in maintaining and improving quality of life as containers carry the majority of consumer goods – everything from clothing and consumer electronics to furniture and automobile parts.

“While there are already a multitude of research projects into how best to improve maritime container supply chains, they tend to make decisions in an isolated way, and do not consider the conflicting interests of multiple stakeholders involved.

“This project aims to optimise the entire maritime consumer supply chain through the use of an online decision platform and real-time container tracking data.”

Newcastle University is committed to ensuring that research carried out helps to address some of today’s key global issues and this project highlights solutions that can be offered to the global challenge of sustainability. 

published on: 13 March 2017