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Newcastle University London hosts latest Business School Alumni event

We saw a great turn out at our ‘Making it in the City’ event, held at NU London on 29 March.

The event gave alumni looking for new employment opportunities a platform to network and discuss career advice with senior alumni and recruitment professionals.  

Alumni were joined by senior representatives from Nike, Barclays Wealth, Publicis Media, PwC, EY, Mothercare, Santander and Bank of China, as well as those from successful start-ups in tech and F&B, and recruitment agencies Nigel Wright and Gradvert – all of whom shared insights, contacts and advice on how to follow their chosen career path.

The panel answered questions on a range of topics, including: the impact of Brexit on the London job market; what makes a CV or candidate stand out from the crowd; the impact of job hopping; key skills to advance your career; and the best way to find out about current vacancies.

We’ve highlighted below some of the insights from the evening:

  • Identify what you want to do and focus on that path. Finding the right job is incredibly time intensive. It is better to choose a small number of opportunities and direct all of your energies into intensively researching a small selection of companies and roles in a particular sector using all on-line platforms available to you and leveraging your contacts and network (don’t forget alumni!) in that area to find out more and give yourself the best chance you can. Do not spread yourself too thinly and risk giving sub-standard applications and interviews.
  • Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are applying to – your employer will make their decision based on the first five lines of your CV so be sure to include your headline achievements are keep it concise and make them count. Your employer is time poor so don’t be shy at following up by email and phone and pro-actively asking to meet to discuss opportunities with their organisation.
  • Brexit is not all doom and gloom – it will present opportunities for particular industries so look out for emerging trends; what sectors are constantly in the news and where the potential growth is and hence where the employment opportunities will be.
  • It is less about knowledge and more about approach – employers are looking for candidates who are motivated, flexible, passionate, conscientious, well rounded, and have a positive attitude. Travel, volunteer for new opportunities, take yourself out of your comfort zone, and draw on these experiences use this to demonstrate to potential employers why you are the obvious candidate.

published on: 6 April 2017