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Postgraduate finance students get to understand Resilience at annual TEDx London Business School

50 of our postgraduate finance students are visiting London to attend the 2018 TEDx London Business School conference, where University alumna Ann Cairns will be delivering a session on ‘Lessons from Lehman Brothers’.

This year’s conference is centred on the theme of resilience, being one of the personal and professional qualities that is becoming increasingly important for new graduates facing the job market.

Students will learn about the importance of being able to adapt to the changes they will face in the Future of Work, as well as understanding how to turn failures into future successes.

Newcastle University graduate Ann Cairns, who is now President of International Markets for MasterCard and Chair of ICE Clear Europe, will be delivering a talk on the resilience of the financial system following the aftermath of the 2008 crash.

Speaking of the benefits that the conference will have for our students, Sara Maioli, Lecturer in Economics and Director of Postgraduate Studies said, “New graduates nowadays won't have the expectation to work all their life within a single company or organisation. They will build several experiences and face adjustments in their career, whether it be the workplace, colleagues or jobs.

“In this conference they will hear talks on different topics that all have the commonality of having resilience at their heart. This should inspire our students to think about their future and themselves with positivity and sense of purpose. Building that confidence that will make them creative in finding solutions and overcoming obstacles throughout their life.”


The event will come to a close with a networking session between students and speakers.


A full list of the speakers can be found on the TEDx website.

published on: 4 May 2018