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Professor Chris Hicks has been appointed as a Visiting Professor at IIT-D

Professor Chris Hicks has been appointed as Visiting Professor at the Department of Management Studies (DMS), Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT-D). Professor Hicks will be an Adjunct Member of staff at IIT-Delhi for two years where he will be involved in teaching, supervision of research students, and joint research between our institutions.

Professor Hicks said: “The opportunity to work with outstanding scholars from the best Management Department in India is a great honour.

“This position will enable me to help strengthen the relationship between our institutions in many areas. I am particularly grateful to Professor Ravi Shankar, Group Chair of Operations and Supply Chain Management and Professor MP Gupta, Head of the Department, DMS for their continuing support.”

IIT-D is one of India’s seven Institutes of Technology created as Centres of Excellence for higher training, research and development in science, engineering and technology in India. Earlier in 2017 the Business School and IIT-D were awarded a prestigious grant from the UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) for an innovative international research project exploring ‘collaborative decision making on container supply chains’. 

Professor Sharon Mavin, Director of Newcastle University Business School said: “IIT-D is one of the Business School’s key strategic partners and the announcement of Professor Hicks’ appointment is a fantastic opportunity for the School to build on existing collaborations with the Institute and the Department of Management Studies.”  

Professor Chris Hicks being appointed Associate Professor of IIT-D
Professor MP Gupta of IIT-D and Professor Chris Hicks of Newcastle University Business School

published on: 13 September 2017