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Students develop business analytics prototype in live client project

Earlier this month, Newcastle University Business School welcomed back Ian Griffiths, Co-Founder of, to view the data analysis presentations our students had created within their Business Analysis and Analytics module.

Earlier in the year, Ian himself helped launch the module with Rebecca Casey, Lecturer in Information Systems Management. The module sees students working as teams of consultants on a live client project to build and pitch a prototype business analytics system to the company.

Ian’s company;, provides an online car repair marketplace handling over 60,000 requests from drivers every month. Commenting on the relevance of the new module Ian pointed out that data is at the heart of everything they do and every single business decision is informed by business analytics. Helping to grow talent in the region can play a vital role in the success of digital businesses, like, this is a goal the company is keen to support.

The SAS Institute, the education arm of SAS, an industry leader in business analytics software, generously agreed to sponsor a prize for the team who present the winning pitch.

Students presented their work to Ian, his Business partner and Business School alumnus Sebastian Huewel, Head of Professional Services at SAS Scott Comber, Analyst in Consultancy Services Nergina Chomanskyte and their module leaders Nick Howey and Rebecca Casey.

In the presentations, students covered a range of data analysis and analytics. This included a SWOT analysis of the company, rich picture analysis tools, and their initiation plan for their proposals and how they would implement business analytics. Students also provided the audience with a full booklet of their work which included a Gantt chart with dates of their implementation plan including dates and targets to meet.

The panel were very impressed with all of the presentations and struggled to choose a winner. After discussion, the panel awarded joint first place to two of the groups. These groups were:

Sixth Sense Consultancy: Alexander McDonnell, Hing Yat Sun, Isobel Sygrove, Leon Walsh, Chak San Wong

Dynasty Consultancy: Chih-Ying Chou, Dhruv Dadoo, James Kenyon, Chun Hei Law, Lyubov Tsvetanova Vlasheva, Yuedan Wang

Module Leader Rebecca Casey was extremely proud of her students and had the following to say:

“Both teams successfully addressed the business opportunities and challenges whilst generating actionable insights from their business analytics dashboards. The client, and sponsor, SAS, were impressed at how well the students executed the brief and said the combination of hard and soft skills developed on the module will equip students with much sought-after competencies in the job market.”

published on: 21 May 2019