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Students to develop business analytics prototype on new elective module

This month, Newcastle University Business School welcomed Ian Griffiths, Co-Founder of to help launch a new undergraduate module in Business Analysis and Analytics which sees students working as teams of consultants on a live client project to build and pitch a prototype business analytics system to the company. provides an online car repair marketplace handling over 60,000 requests from drivers every month. With over 11,500 garages registered to the site the company has handled over one million requests since it was first established seven years ago. Commenting on the relevance of the new module Ian pointed out that data is at the heart of everything they do with every single business decision informed by business analytics. Helping to grow talent in the region who can play a vital role in the success of digital businesses like is a goal the company is keen to support.

Commenting on the new offering, module Leader, Dr Rebecca Casey, emphasised the importance of enhancing the student learning journey, “creating opportunities for our students to solve real business problems in order to develop key employability competencies in business analysis and business analytics, which are sought-after skills, plays an important role in preparing the workers of the future. Increased collaboration between humans and machines to make decisions continues to evolve and therefore students need both the hard and soft skills to successfully take on the challenges of tomorrow.”

The SAS Institute, the education arm of SAS, an industry leader in business analytics software, have generously agreed to sponsor a prize for the team who present the winning pitch at the end of the academic year.

published on: 26 October 2018