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Business School students nominated for Undergraduate of the Year Awards 2019

Two Business School students; Ben Maxwell and Bailey Thane were shortlisted for the Future Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of The Year Award and the One to Watch Undergraduate of the Year Award respectively.

The TARGETjobs Undergraduate of the Year Awards is an annual competition aimed at finding the best undergraduates in the UK. Each award is partnered by a prominent graduate recruiter who provides a fantastic prize for the winner, including a paid internship, trips abroad and other exclusive opportunities.

Each year, the Future CFO of the Year award goes to an ambitious, forward thinking, commercially minded individual with a strong interest in the value finance can bring to business. The One to Watch Undergraduate of the Year Award goes to a well-rounded student who is a relationship builder, eager to learn, straight talking, passionate and committed to making a difference.

In order to be nominated, both Ben and Bailey, had to complete an online application designed to emulate a normal job application process and is assessed on the individual’s strengths and skills. Successfully completing their individual applications, both students attended an assessment centre and said that it was a great opportunity to make friends and contacts from around the country.

Both students were successful and made it to the Final Eight in their category, joining their fellow candidates for an awards ceremony in Canary Wharf. Ben and Bailey said that it was a great experience to mingle with the other candidates in an environment where they weren't being assessed, as they could relax and get to know each other better than at the Assessment Centre. Students were joined by sponsors, partner university lecturers, and corporate representatives providing a fantastic opportunity to build upon their networks.

Following the nominations into the Final Eight, unfortunately both missed out on their awards, however, being nominated and attending the awards ceremony is no small feat and the pair should be proud and congratulated.

Both students recognise their achievements in being nominated and had the following to say on the overall experience:

Ben: “The most important aspect I am taking away from the experience is the importance of meeting and talking to new people. At university, you are likely to be friends with similar people to yourself most of the time. Events, applications and opportunities like the UGOTY provide the opportunity to meet new people, which is a valuable asset on top of your already established connections.

Bailey: “I think the most beneficial part was making connections at board level within such a large company. It’s definitely made me excited to see what future I may have with the business once I graduate.”

The pair also went on to encourage future students who may be considering getting involved in similar opportunities:

Ben: “Go for it! It's a great item to put on your CV, it's great experience and practice for actual job applications, it's something extra to talk about in interviews and you meet some fantastic people to build your networks. You may even gain some valuable career connections out of the experience and get an internship with someone.

Bailey: “I’d say definitely take this great opportunity and make the most of everyone you meet through the process. I’d apply for the award category with the sponsor company that interests you the most as you get the opportunity to make very senior contacts within the organisation.”

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published on: 17 May 2019