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UK-China Workshop on Green Logistics and Supply Chain

Business School welcomes delegates to UK-China Workshop on Green Logistics and Supply Chain

With funding support from British Council Newton fund scheme, the workshop aims to build a research network consisting of British and Chinese young researchers to tackle the challenges below:


  • China overtook US as the world's largest greenhouse gas and particle emitter in 2006. 
  • As the largest exporter, China has been suffering extreme air-pollution events such as smog disaster. 
  • It is estimated that emissions arising from logistics and supply chain are responsible for 70 to 80 percent of total emissions in China. 
  • It is crucial for China to reduce the emission to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Historically, the UK has also experienced similar environmental problems, e.g., Great Smog of 1952 in London. After many years’ efforts, the air quality in the UK has been significantly improved. UK has accumulated rich experience in emission control. Nevertheless, UK is making further efforts on reducing emission of air pollutant.

In the workshop, the state of the art, the possible solutions, and future research directions of green logistics and supply chain are being discussed.

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published on: 2 November 2016