Newcastle University Business School

Work With Our Students

Work With Our Students

Business experience is something we just can't teach. There are a number of ways in which you can share your experience and help us to nurture the next generation of business leaders.

Share Your Expertise

Share your experiences and insights and give our students a new perspective on the business world.

Your real world knowledge will help to give students a different perspective that can change the way they think of business forever. From visiting the School to deliver a guest lecture or providing a case study on a recent success, there are so many ways you can inspire our students. 

Student Projects

Benefit from our students' knowledge and fresh insight of the latest business thinking.

Your business can benefit from our students' knowledge and fresh insight of the latest business thinking. Through one-off projects or short-term internships, our students can give you new perspectives and recommendations on current strategic business issues, helping you to achieve your objectives.

Our students

Our students' experience varies, depending on their level of study:

Undergraduate students

  • Study one primary subject (or two if doing a joint honours degree) from Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Management or Marketing.
  • They are typically educated to A Level standard or equivalent with little prior business experience.

Masters students

  • Also study one primary subject from Accounting and Finance, Economics, Human Resources, Operations Management, Marketing. 
  • They are typically educated to undergraduate level.
  • Usually completed up to three years after their first degree, may have some first-hand business experience.

MBA students

  • Study all aspects of business, from finance to marketing with a focus on application in a business context.
  • They are educated to at least undergraduate level or have extensive business experience.
  • Typically they will have 3-10 years business experience and have worked at management/strategic level.



An internship is a great way to reinvigorate your business. It can offer a host of benefits, such as adding new ideas and bringing energy and new knowledge to your workplace.

Whether you have a regional base here in the North East, or are located internationally, you could offer our students the opportunity to work on a project, developed by you, to help find solutions for your business.

A team of students from Newcastle University Business School will work alongside students from our partner institutions, which include: Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (India); University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics (Netherlands); Xiamen University School of Management (China) and Boston University (USA). 

Students will apply the skills and knowledge developed in the classroom to your business. Students typically spend their time on one specific project during the internship, which typically lasts between three to six weeks.