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Dr Bartosz Gebka

Senior Lecturer in Finance, Joint Head of Economics, DPD for MSc Finance



Tuesday 2-4pm, Friday 11-12am


Polish: native
German: fluent
Swedish: intermediate

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Research Interests

My research interests lie in the field of empirical finance, with a particular focus on capital market efficiency, the role of trading volume for asset pricing, the impact of institutional investors on stock market behavior, emerging markets, and international finance. I am also interested in the macroeconomic determinants of international financial contagion as well as the outcomes of privatisation in the transition economies.

Future Research

In the future, I would like to continue my research in the field of financial economics and I intend to extend my work to other fields in economics, including behavioural finance and technical trading rules.

Research Group Membership

I'm a member of the Applied Econometrics (AE) and the Behavioural Research in Finance (BRiF) research groups.

The Applied Econometrics (AE) group deals with using statistical models to test theories in economics and finance, and to better understand economic and financial behaviour. We also focus on the study of methodological issues in applied econometrics using econometric theory and computer simulation analysis.

The Behavioural Research in Finance (BRiF) group is concerned with the study of financial behaviour, from both an empirical and experimental perspective. While this naturally includes behaviour in the financial markets, its scope is wider and encompasses individual and household behaviour over a broader range of financial decisions, including saving, debt, pensions etc. Our research is aimed at providing a deeper understanding of why individuals make the financial decisions they do, and their impact on market outcomes such as asset prices, their volatilities, trading volume, etc. 

Esteem Indicators

In June 2003, I was awarded the Best Paper Award on the Global Finance Conference, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, for the paper "Institutional Trading and Stock Return Autocorrelation: Empirical Evidence on Polish Pension Fund Investors’ Behavior"

I act as a referee for various academic journals including: Applied Economics, Applied Financial Economics, Bulletin of Economic Research, Economic Systems, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade; International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, Journal of Multinational Financial Management, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A. I'm also a referee for the European Finance Association annual meetings, and review books for Wiley and Pearson.


Economics Network: Learning and Teaching Development Project "Students’ Explanatory Styles, Study Performance and Engagement", GBP1900, 2010-2011.


Postgraduate Teaching

I currently teach on the following courses:

NBS8018: International Money and Banking 

NBS8200: Behavioural Finance