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Dr Cristina Neesham

Reader in Bus Ethics & Corp Social Resp


Dr Cristina Neesham is Director of Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle University, UK and Reader in Business Ethics and CSR. Prior to these roles, Cristina worked as Senior Lecturer and researcher in Philosophy and Ethics in Management and Organisation at Swinburne Business School, Australia; and as Lecturer and researcher in Management at Monash Business School, Australia. She co-led the Swinburne research group in Social and Environmental Sustainability in Organisations. Cristina has also held Visiting Scholar positions at Swinburne University (current), University of Paris Nanterre, University of Adelaide, and Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

Cristina has a PhD from the University of Melbourne (Australia). Her international research and scholarship profile includes business ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and social philosophy of management and organising. She supervises doctoral and Master students in these fields and is a Rep-at-Large for the Social Issues in Management division of the Academy of Management. Cristina serves as Associate Editor for Business Ethics: A European Review and as member of the executive and editorial advisory boards of several other journals. Her research has been published in the Journal of Business Ethics, International Journal of Human Resource Management, International Journal of Project Management, and in Routledge and Springer monographs and collections. Cristina is also co-Editor-in-Chief of the Springer Handbook of Philosophy of Management, the first major reference publication in the field.

Cristina’s research interests focus on ethical issues raised by the introduction of new technologies (such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence) in the workplace of the future. She also uses philosophical methods to inform the strategic management of systemic social problems. In particular, she investigates interdependencies between individual and group behaviours, social norms and institutional-regulatory regimes and their role in creating (as well as alleviating) social problems. She uses these findings to inform and design ethical capability building projects for industry, government and professional practice.

Cristina serves as subject matter expert in ethics and governance for CPA Australia's professional accreditation examination. She has also completed a research project in ethical capability building, supported by a national competitive grant within CPA Australia's Global Research Perspectives Program. Cristina is Secretary of the Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN), section editor for the Springer Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics, and has reviewed for journals such as Human Relations, Journal of Business Ethics, Business Ethics Quarterly, Business & Society, Business Ethics: A European Review, Management Learning, Philosophy of Management, and many others.

Cristina has supervised several PhDs, and examined external theses at doctoral, Master and Honours level.  



Co-Convenor, Advancing Enlightenment: Philosophical Ideas and Methods for Organizational Research (EGOS 2019)

Co-Convenor, Philosophical Methods for Management (Academy of Management Annual Meeting – 2017, 2018, 2019)

International Conference Paper and Workshop Presentations: Australasian Business Ethics Network – Auckland (2018), Melbourne (2017), Brisbane (2016), Sydney (2015, 2014); Society for Business Ethics – Chicago (2018); Academy of Management – Chicago (2018), Atlanta (2017), Anaheim (2016), Vancouver (2015); Philadelphia (2014).

Currently supervising PhD students in the following areas:

  • Business Ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Philosophy of Management and Organisation
  • Social and Environmental Sustainability

Esteem Indicators (since 2014)

Invited presentation at the Artificial Intelligence and Human Flourishing Conference, University of St Thomas (USA), 2019.

Invited interview with Money Management Magazine (Financial Planners Association of Australia): Academics back advice profession over occupation, Sydney (Australia), 2019.

Invited panel presentation on Social and Environmental Sustainability in Universities, Sustainable Tertiary Education Leadership and Governance Seminar, University of Melbourne (Australia), 2018.

Invited editorial for ABC Online: Banking royal commission has some thinking it’s the customer’s fault. Here’s why they’re wrong; also cited on F3News (Australia), 2018.

Invited panel interview on Big Idea, Politics HQ, Sky News: The Australian Parliament Should Have a Code of Conduct; Melbourne (Australia), 2018.

Invited presentation on Incorporating SDGs in Course Offerings and Teaching for Meaningful Impact. International Colloquium: Opportunities and Challenges of Integrating SDGs across Research and Curriculum. Deakin Centre for Sustainable and Responsible Organisations, Deakin University (Australia), 2017.

Invited keynote presentation on Ethical Accounting: Challenges and Opportunities for Educators. CPA Australia Panel: Applying ethical considerations in financial decision-making – exploring the reality. CommView Conference, Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA),Melbourne (Australia), 2017.

Invited presentation on The Ethics of Political Donations. Buying Power Forum, organised by the Independent Community Accountability Network / Accountability Round Table, Melbourne (Australia), 2015.

Invited presentation on The importance of an effective parliamentary code of conduct. Parliamentary Codes of Conduct Workshop, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Melbourne (Australia), 2015.

Evans, A., Neesham, C., Griggs, D., Forgasz, H. & Oakley, J. (2014) Want ethical responses to a world of trouble? Focus on character’, The Conversation, 17 April 2014. Article available at



Cristina has designed and delivered courses in business ethics, business strategy (MBA), critical thinking and problem solving (MBA), corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, sustainable organisational design, and research methods (for postgraduate research students) for almost 15 years.

Her most recent achievement is the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award (experienced teacher category) received from Swinburne Faculty of Business and Law in 2018, “for significantly enhancing MBA students’ cognitive skills by fostering authentic learning in business strategy, through interactive problem-based case studies, reflective practice and authentic assessment”

Cristina lectures in the following modules:

  • Strategic Management (NBS8126), MBA Programme
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and the Challenge of Ethical Business (NBS9493), MBA Programme
  • Advanced Business Topics (BUS3005)
  • Advanced Business Practice (BUS3003)