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Staff Profile

Dr David Barlow



Degree Programme Director for BSc. Economics and Finance (L161)

Lecturer in monetary economics, introductory economics and economic history.

Degree programme director for BSc. Economics and Finance

Degree programme director for BSc Economics and Finance

Researcher in monetary economics, European transition economies and inequality.

Publications in such journals as Manchester School, Journal of Comparative Economics, Economics of Transition.

Convenor for the framework 5 project 'Economic and Political Reintegration in an Enlarge EU: Impilcations for regional stability'


PhD Newcastle 1993


Research Interests

Macroeconomics, particularly Monetary Economics
Economic reform and economic performance in central and eastern europe
European economic integration

Current Work

1. 'Divisia money aggregates yield non-trivial welfare cost of inflation' , co-authors Lynne Evans and John Ashworth. Under submission to Macroeconomic dynamics.

2. 'Low interest rates and the damand for cash balances by UK households. Under submission to Economic Modelling.

Most Recent Publications


'Sectoral money demand behaviour and the welfare cost of inflation in the UK' with Lynne Evans ands John Ashworth, Manchester School, 82(6), 732-50.

Esteem Indicators

invited to co-author papers on inequality with researchers at Warwick University

Recent Conference presentations

2016  ARBE 4th European Conference on Banking and the Economy, in Winchester Presented 'Low interest rates and the demand for cash balances by UK households.

2014 Deutsche Bundesbank International Cash conference, Dresden. Presented 'Sectoral cash holdings in the UK: The effect of the crisis commencing in 2007


EU Framework 5 projeect 2001-2004, total value £400,000

PhD completions

Luis Gallindo 1995

Aziz Arman 1998

Roxana Radulescu 2002

Naveeda Salam 2003

Austin Manason 2003 

Adesola Ibironke 2018


Undergraduate Teaching

Stage 1 

introductory economics (eco1017)

Economic History (ECO1019)


Stage 2

Seminars for economic modelling (eco2003) and intermediate macroeconomics (eco2005)

Stage 3

monetary economics (eco3010)