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Professor Dimitrios Gounopoulos

Visiting Fellow


Dimitrios Gounopoulos is a Visiting Fellow of Finance at Newcastle University Business School in the University of Newcastle and the Chaired Professor of Accounting and Finance at the University of Bath. Dimitrios is as well the External Examiner for Imperial College, London (Full Time MBA and Executive MBA), the University of Leeds (Postgraduate Finance Courses) and the University of Sheffield (Undergraduate Finance Courses). Prior to joining the School of Management, University of Bath Professor Gounopoulos hold a Professorial Position at Newcastle University Business School, Newcastle University. Previously Professor Gounopoulos worked for the University of Sussex (School of Business, Management and Economics), the University of Surrey (Surrey Business School) and the University of Manchester (Manchester Business School). He has also worked on several private companies and government consulting projects related with electronics and telecommunications. He obtained degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University of Leeds and the University of Bradford. In addition he holds an MBA from Leeds University Business School - University of Leeds and a PhD from Manchester Business School - University of Manchester. Finally he holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice from the University of Surrey.

Dimitrios main Research Interest lies in the areas of InternationalAccounting and Corporate Finance. He specializes on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and he is known for his continuous research involvement on this field. Dimitrios research also address issues in Bonds Structure, Corporate Governance, Executive Compensation and Earnings Management.  His work has attracted the interest of the markets and as a result of this he was honoured with a Gong Ceremony by the Oldest Stock Exchange in the world, the NYSE – Euronext Amsterdam. Further to this distinction he was invited to deliver a speech in Amsterdam Stock Exchange on the ‘Global development of IPOs Research’.  His presentation was well attended by market makers and bankers and attracted the interest of the media as he was interviewed by the main Dutch Television Network, RTL.

Professor Gounopoulos has published extensively in highly ranked International Journals in Finance including the Journal of Corporate Finance, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Research, European Financial Management, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting as well as in other disciplines including Economic History Review (ABS 4), Annals of Tourism Research (ABS 4), Transportation Research Part E (ABS 3*, Impact Factor 2,676), Maritime Policy and Management (Impact Factor 1,447) etc. His research has been presented on various highly rated US and European conferences including the prestigious American Accounting Association Annual Conference. Special moment has been the best paper award he received by the International Association of Maritime Economist (IAME2009). He has been invited on research seminars by several institutions, in the UK and Europe. His recognition among the UK academic society appears from the fact that he has been invited 31 times as PhD External Examiner by seven different UK Institutions (overall he has examined 36 PhD Thesis). He serves as an ad-hoc referee in several academic journals and is the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Behavioral Accounting and Finance. 

In collaboration with a colleague Dimitrios has received a generous Research Grant on Energy Economics by the Dutch Government. He also participates in a consortium under 'Surrey Space Center' on a big project concerning the 'Procurement and Development of an Active Debris Removal Mission'. Further, he received a small grant to research the first IPO ever listed in the world (maritime company VOC was listed in 1602). This involvement intrigued him to explore IPOs on various historical perspectives by expanding in other stock markets. This experience is valuable on his role an independent Initial Public Offerings advisor. Dr Gounopoulos is a visiting-academic in several Business Schools teaching in MBA and MSc programmes. He is an independent Initial Public Offerings Consultant and has strong links with markets including London and Amsterdam Stock Exchanges. 

His research has received excessive Media attention with special features in "Columbia University Law School", “The BBC”, “The Guardian”, “The Independent”, “The Daily Mail”, “The Irish Times”, “BBC Radio”, “BNR Netherlands National Radio”, from the UK to the US and China. 

Dimitrios is the Deputy Leader of the Business Finance Research Group


Understanding Financial Principles (Bath MBA)

Financial Accounting 1 (MSc)

Advanced Financial Accounting (BSc)


International Financial Accounting II (MSc)

Accounting and Control (BSc)

Company Financial Reporting (BSc)

Financial Accounting (BSc)

Managerial Accounting (BSc)

Management Accounting (BSc)

International Financial Reporting (MSc)


Corporate Finance (MSc)

Financial Markets and Institutions (MSC)

Research Methods (MSc)                                                                                          

Research Project (MSc)

Business Finance (BSc)

Shipping Finance (MSc)

Risk Management (BSc)

Research Methods (MSc)

Financial Analysis (BSc)

Business Control (BSc)

Computing for Business (BSc)

Financial Management (BSc)

Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management (BSc)

Financial Derivatives (BSc)


Research Interests

Accounting International Accounting Issues; Earnings Management; Financial Reporting Quality; IFRS; Restatement;

Finance Initial Public Offerings, Earnings Management, Executive Compensation, Board Structures, Investment Banking, Corporate Governance, Behavioural Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Structure, Credit Ratings, SEOs, Foreign Exchange (ForEx), Real Estate Finance, Financial Debt Crises, Bond Issues, Pension Funds, Forecasting



Initial Public Offerings Consultancy International)

ROMGAZ - Largest Company in Romania Turnover: 1 billion Euros, Profit: 200 million Euros)

Course delivered and consultancy services through its IPO.

(Close collaboration with Underwriter: Goldman and Sachs)


Research Grants - Collaborations

1) Professor Gounopoulos has strong collaboration with Vrije University of Amsterdam on projects looking Energy Efficiency

2) With 'Surrey Space Center' on 'Service Oriented Approach to the Procurement and Development of an Active Debris Removal Mission'

3) 'Shipping Finance' in collaboration with Department of Maritime Studies, University of Piraeus


Research Student Supervisions (Completions)

1) Nikos Paltalidis Career: (Lecturer in the University of Durham, UK)                                  

Essays on Applied Financial Econometrics and Financial Networks: Reflections on Systemic Risk, Financial Stability and Tail Risk Management.

2) Hang Pham (Lecturer in the University of Essex, UK)

The Impact of Credit Rating and CEOs Work Experience on Earnings Management and Post Issue

Performance of U.S. IPOs 

3) Kostadinos Kallias (Senior Lecturer in the University of Portsmouth, UK) 

Political Connections of New Business Ventures 

4) Antonis Kallias (Senior Lecturer in the University of Portsmouth, UK) 

Managing Uncertainty in the Process of Going Public

5) Aggeliki Samara (Assistant Professor in the University of Macedonia, Greece)                     

The Implementation of IAS 12 - Income Taxes in Greece: Evidence on Compliance, Value Relevance and Discretionary Use of Deferred Taxation.

6) Ahmad Abdellatif (Senior Lecturer in the University of Cairo)

Corporate Governance Mechanisms and Asymmetric Information: An application to the UK Capital Market

7) Mohammed Shabeeb (Lecturer in the University of South Valley)                        

Equity Incentive, Earnings Management and Corporate Governance: U.K. Evidence.


Research Student Supervisions (in Progress)

Van Hung Guyen – 1st Year (in Collaboration with Professor Duxbury and Dr Yang Zhao)

Huang Chen – ‘Political Corruption, Penalties and Litigations impact on Initial Public Offerings’ –3rd Year

Johannes Hoebelt – ‘Interaction of Bank Competition, Prudential Regulation and Accounting Information

Quality: How to achieve sustainable Financial Stability’ – 3rd Year

Antonis Ilias – 1st Year - ‘Risk Reports on IPOs Prospectuses‘, - 1st Year

Loukopoulos George ‘CEOs and Executives Compensation of US IPOs’- 1st Year

Negakis Giannis ‘CEOs and Executive Compensation around Initial Public Offerings' – 1st Year



NYSE-Euronext Amsterdam (27th of May 2011). Gong Ceremony 'in honour' of the Guest Speaker.

NYSE-Euronext Amsterdam (5th of June 2012). 'VOC: The First IPO in the World'


INVITED ARTICLES (by other Universities)

Columbia University (Law School), U.S. 'The effect of Regulatory Alteration on Management  Earnings Forecast'. 


RESEARCH SEMINARS /CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS Speaker (after invitation) – Last three years

2018: Oxford Brooks University (Oxford Business School)*,

2017: University of Durham (Durham University Business School), University of Cyprus (Department of Accounting and Finance). University of Queen Mary (School of Management), University of Greenwich (Greenwich Business School), University of Kingston (Kingston Business School), University of Reading (ICMA Center), European Accounting Association (Valencia), University of Sheffield (Sheffield University Business School), International Journal of Accounting Symposium (Limassol, Cyprus), European Financial Management (Athens), Hellenic Accounting and Finance Association (Athens)

2016: University of Brunel (School of Economics and Finance), University of Essex (Essex Business School), University of Hull (Hill University Business School), European Accounting Association (Maastricht), British Accounting and Finance Association (Bath), Athens University of Economics and Business (Department of Business Administration), International Conference on Macroeconomics Analysis and International Finance (Rethymnon, Greece), Financial Management Conference (Helsinki), International Journal of Accounting Symposium (Rome, Italy), University of Huddersfield (Huddersfield University Business School), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Department of Economics), University of Bath (School of Management), University of Newcastle (Newcastle University Business School), Hellenic Accounting and Finance Association (Thessaloniki),

2015: University of Warwick (Warwick Business School), British Accounting and Finance Association (Manchester), European Accounting Association (Glasgow), University of Piraeus (Department of Economics), International Finance and Banking Society (Oxford), University of Strathclyde, Hellenic Finance and Accounting Association (Athens – Keynote Speaker), University of Bergamo (Department of Technology Management)

2014: University of Leeds (Leeds University Business School), University of Southampton (Southampton University Business School), British Accounting Association (LSE), Multinational Finance Society (Larnaca), European Accounting Association (Tallin), University of Birmingham, Financial Management Association (Maastricht), ESC Troyes International (Troyes), Hellenic Finance and Accounting Association (Volos), University of Sussex (School of Business Management and Economics), Financial Engineering and Banking Society (Surrey), Centre for Planning and Economic Research (Athens), Queen Mary University (London), University of Portsmouth, Athens Laboratory of Business Administration (ALBA), University of Athens (Department of Economics), Multinational Finance Society (Athens) 



Imperial College, London, Imperial College Business School, External Examiner Full Time MBA, Executive MBA, 2016 - present

University of Leeds, Leeds University Business School, Leeds, UK – External Examiner in Postgraduate Courses, 2014 - present

University of Sheffield, School of Management, Sheffield, UK – External Examiner in Postgraduate Courses, 2016 - present

City University, School of Mathematics, Computer Science & Engineering - External Examiner in Postgraduate Courses, 2017 - present

University of Nottingham, Nottingham University Business School, Nottingham, UK – External Examiner in Undergraduate Courses, 2012 - 2016

University of Bradford, Management School, Bradford, UK – External Examiner in Postgraduate Courses, 2012-2016


PhD EXAMINATIONS (Thirty Six Times)

Twenty Nine times External Examiner in PhD Theses


1) University of Bath - School of Management, 2017

2) University of Birmingham - Birmingham Business School, 2014, 2015 

3) University of Bradford - Management School, 2012

4) University of Bristol - School of Economics, Finance and Management 2017

5) University of Brunel - Brunel Business School, 2013, 2016

6) University of Durham - Durham Business School, UK, 2011, 2013

7) Glasgow Caledonian University - Glasgow School for Business, 2014 

8) University of Greenwich - Greenwich Business School, 2017

9) University of Hull - Hull University Business School, 2016 

10) University of Kingston - Kingston Business School, 2011, 2015 

11) Newcastle University - Newcastle University Business School, 2017 

12) University of Nottingham - Nottingham University Business School, UK, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016a, 2016b 

13) University of Portsmouth - Portsmouth Business School, 2016, 2017 

14) University of Reading - ICMA Center 2017*

15) University of Surrey - Surrey Business School, 2006, 2007, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012 

16) University of Sussex - School of Business, Management and Economics, 2014



1) University of Piraeus - Department of Maritime Studies, 2013, 2016

2) University of Luxembourg - Luxembourg School of Business, 2016 

3) University of Cyprus - School of Accounting and Finance, 2017

4) International Hellenic University – School of Business and Management, 2017*



University of Bath

1)Head of Department (Research)



1) Convenor of PhD (Doctoral) Programme

2) Convenor in MSc in Internatrional Accounting and Corporate Governance 

3) Course Co-Convenor in BSc in Accounting and Finance

4) Deputy Leader of the Business Finance Research Group

5) Organiser of Research Seminars in the School of Business, Management and Economics

6) 'Fidelity plc Award' Founder for Best MSc in Int. Accounting and Corporate Governance Student

7) Students Recruitment Advisor (Undergraduate, Postgraduate)

8) Representative of the Department of Business and Management at the University of Sussex Software Steering Committe

9) Senior Colleague (Mentor) for Lecturers, Senior Lecturers

10) Conference organizer for Early Stage Academics and Doctoral Students

11) Programme Director of the MSc in Accounting and Finance, 2012 - 2013. 

12) Founder and Program Designer of the BSc in Accounting and Finance, launched in 2007. He has been its first leader until the graduation of the first cohort in July 2010.

13) Organiser of Research Seminars in Surrey Business School.

14) 'Ernst & Young Award' Founder for Best BSc in Accounting and Finance Student.

15) Established and kept co-operation between CIMA and the University of Surrey.

16) He has represented University of Surrey in British Council Exhibitions and MBA Fairs around the world.

17) Personal Placement Tutor.

18) Responsible for Staff-Student Exchange Programme with Free (Vrije) University of Amsterdam and the University of Piraeus, 

19) Supervisor of PhD, MSc Projects (Postgraduate), Examiner in Doctoral Thesis.

20) Students Recruitment Advisor (Undergraduate, Postgraduate)

21) Officer of Research Ethics Committee for School of Business Management and Economics 



*Royal Bank of Scotland: “How Boards should operate: Reflection on latest FRC Report” (15 September 2016)

*Royal Bank of Scotland: “The Dangers of a High Share Price” (24 July 2016)

*True Economics Blog: “European Financial Networks: Prepare for Bloodletting to Commerce” (24 Jan 2016)  

* The Guardian: “Some Eurozone Banks just as likely to fail as they were before 2008 crisis” 

* The Independent: “Banks as likely to fail now as during crisis” (12 May 2015)

* The Daily Mail:  “European banks remain vulnerable” (12 May 2015)

* "European Banks remain vulnerable" (11th May 2015)

* Wall Street Italia: “Come nel 2008: per molte banche europee le stesse probabilita di fare crac” (13 May 2015)

* HITC Business: “Some Eurozone banks just as likely to fail as they were before 2008 crisis” 

* The Irish Times: “Study finds European banks highly vulnerable” (13 May 2015)

* The Conversation:  "Gold always glitter but better bargains lie beneath" (27th February 2014)

* To Vima (in Greek): "The First Initial Public Offering in the World" (21 July 2011)

* H Kathimerini: "Personal Interview" (03 October 2010) 


RADIO ONLINE AND PUBLIC SPEAKING (Interviews and Panel Discussions)

* ERT:  "Nonperformance loans and their impact in the economy and their investment prospects " (23th Jul  2017)

* ERT:  "Donald Tusk visit in Greece: Is the Greek assessment near completion" (5th Apr  2017)

* ERT:  "Britain towards Brexit: Uncertainty in a developed market" (19th Jan  2017)

* ERT:  "IMF Sustainability Debt Report on Greece"" (07th Oct  2016)

* CNN (Greece) : "Greece after the new Agreement with Troica" (7th July 2016)

* ERA SPOR: “Football Finance” (25th July 2016)

* ERA 2: "Greece after the new Agreement with Troica " (10th May 2016)

* ERA Global: "International Finance" (7th April 2016)

* ERT: "Evaluation of New Programme for Greece Tax Regulations" (30th March 2016)

* ERT: "Deutsche Bank: Is it the new Lehman Brother" (15th February 2016)

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* NERIT: "How can Greek Economy get in recovery path" (15th June 2015)

* NERIT: "Theories and Applications to Economic Science of the work by John Nash" (26th May 2015)

* NERIT: "The Greek Pension Fund System" (12th May 2015)

* NERIT: "Greece in front of the new Eurogroup" (22nd April 2015)

* NERIT: "Tsipras meets Putin" (09th April 2015)

* NERIT: "Euro vs Drahmas" (11th March 2015)

* BBC Radio (Sussex): "Greece into storm" (3rd March 2015)

* BBC Radio 4: "Interview on Greek Debt Financial Crises" (23rd March 2012)

* RTL Netherlands: "Interview on VOC" (27th May 2011)




American Accounting Association (AAA)

American Finance Association (AFA)

British Accounting & Finance Association (BAFA)

Eastern Finance Association (EFA)

European Accounting Association (EAA)

European Finance Association (EFA)

European Financial Management Association (EFMA)

Financial Management Association (FMA)

Hellenic Finance and Accounting Association (HFAA)

Higher Education Academy Fellow

Midwest Finance Association (MFA)

Multinational Finance Society (MFS)



Professor Gounopoulos is Member of the Editorial Review Board of the Corporate Governance: An International Review Journal 

He is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance and the Journal of Economics and International Finance



Member of the Scientific Committee of the 2016 Portsmouth-Fordham Conference on Banking and Finance

Financial Engineering and Banking Society (FEBS), Athens, Greece, 2014 - Member of the Scientific Committee

Hellenic Finance and Accounitng Association (HFAA), Permanent Member of the Scientific Committee


Refereeing for Academic Journals

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis (4), Review of Accounting Studies (4*), Contemporary Accounting Research (4), Journal of Corporate Finance (4), Abacus (3*), European Accounting Review (3*), International Journal of Accounting (3*), Abacus (3*), Accounting and Business Research (3*), Journal of Business Finance and Accounting (3*), British Accounting Review (3*), European Accounting Review (3*), Journal of Banking and Finance (3*), Financial Review (3*), International Review of Financial Analysis (3*), Annals of Tourism Research (4*), British Journal of Management (4*), Transportation Research: Part E (3*), Small Business Economics (3*), Corporate Governance: An International Review (3*), Omega (3*), Applied Financial Economics (2*), Applied Economics (2*), Multinational Finance Journal (2*), Economic Modelling (2*), .


Refereeing (Books)

Assigned by European Accounting Association 

1) Ending the Management Illusion: How to Drive Business Results Using the principles of Behavioral Finance, By Hersh Shefrin, McGraw Hill, 2013

2) Behavioral Corporate Finance, McGraw Hill By Hersh Shefrin, 2013