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Dr Dimitry Jacob

Lecturer in International Management


I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in International Management at Newcastle University Business School.

I am a graduate of Queens University Belfast, where I completed my undergraduate degree in computer science before completing MSc and PhD in Management. I have previously worked at Bristol Business School (University of the West of England, Bristol, UK) as a Lecturer in Strategy and International Management. Before that, I was a visiting PhD researcher at Aalto University School of Business (Helsinki, Finland).


My research focuses on understanding organisations’ strategic responses and proactive strategies towards market (economic) and non-market (political) influences from the external environment. I am specifically driven to investigate the following questions: What are the processes and mechanisms (micro-foundations) of strategic action? How do organizations implement strategic responses/strategies when they are embedded in their social context?

To answer these questions, my research employs qualitative approach. My research is interdisciplinary, drawing on institutional theory to explore how specific types of organisations, particularly multinational corporations (MNCs) and Trade Associations (TA) act strategically to change institutions. Empirically, I analyse such interactions within Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors. I am particularly interested in the multifaceted context of such industries in emerging economies, where complex governmental demands on multinational companies invite refinement of our knowledge concerning corporate behaviour.

More recently my focus has been on exploring lobbying at EU level with the specific focus being on interaction between industries and EU institutions (EU Commission, Parliament and the Council). This project has commenced in 2019 and has been funded by the Newcastle University.

My research has been published in internationally recognised peer-reviewed academic journals, such as Studies in Higher Education and Journal of Professions and Organization.



BUS3054 - Strategy, Organisation and Society (Module Lecturer)

BUS3078 - Advanced Global Strategy (Module Leader)

BUS3057 - International Business Diplomacy (Module Lecturer)

BUS3052 – International Business Management Dissertation (Supervisor)


NBS8495 – MBA (Lecturer)

NBS8599 - Research-based Dissertation for International Business Management