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Dr Ewan Mackenzie

Research Associate in the Sociology of Work and Employment



I am a researcher in the sociology of work and employment. My recent work has involved research into the psychic life of neoliberalism and working life amidst the politics of ‘austerity’ in public and cultural sectors. I am interested in the intersection between neoliberal rationalities and everyday working life (both paid and non-paid), and the possibilities for alternatives. In particular my work highlights the often mundane and intimate ways in which labour is implicated in its own demise and how naturalised patterns of work (such as free labour and the self as enterprise) undermine the value of labour and collective organisation. My work aims to widen the possibilities for addressing prevailing rationalities in relation to labour and employment on the one hand, and the ways in which individuals and groups act, resist and respond to them in their ‘everyday’ life and work on the other.  


PhD (Pass with no corrections)

MSc (Distinction) 

BA (Hons)


British Sociological Association 

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy 


2017-2018 British Sociological Association Early Career Forum regional event fund

2011-2015 Newcastle University scholarship to undertake PhD studentship

2012: Outstanding paper award for the Making Projects Critical Conference, Manchester University (full bursary) 

2008-2009 Masters student of the year, Newcastle University

2008-2009 Research Scholarship to undertake Masters at Newcastle University 


Research Interests; 

Work (paid and non-paid)

Governmentality studies

Foucauldian Studies

Labour Process Theory

Worker cooperatives

The Ethics of Work and Organisation in Public Sectors

Critical Studies of Higher Education

Contemporary Continental Theory


Research Methods